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Proposal in a Pantry
A marriage made in heaven can start in unusual places.

"Not another blind date," I groaned. It was a busy morning at the office. Telephones were ringing and paperwork had to be completed. So when my friend, Ivy, told me: "There's a really nice guy from my church that you should meet," I hesitated. I thought of my last blind date—what a disaster! Did I really want to do this again?

Proposal in a Pantry
Linda and Steve

Somewhat reluctantly, I gave Ivy my phone number. When my family heard about it, they were more excited than I was. I was 40, and the last of three siblings to be married. Having been through difficult and broken relationships, I learned that being single wasn't so bad. I had many wonderful friends and strong family ties.

When the big day arrived I was anxious. What would I wear? What did he look like? Trying to remain calm, I met Steve in the lobby of my apartment building. He was handsome, smartly dressed and had a great sense of humour. Most importantly, he was upfront about his faith in Jesus Christ. I was raised in a Salvation Army home and dating a Christian man was a priority for me. After our first date, I knew Steve was a man who loved God, and showed it in his actions.

On our three month anniversary, we celebrated with dinner at a restaurant. Later that evening I presented Steve with a bouquet of cookies. He said: "I have a treat for you too," and he shocked me with a ticket to join him and a group of Christians on a 14-day tour to the Holy Land, a place I had only dreamed of visiting.

Touring Jerusalem was exciting, but with all the other guests, it was difficult to find any quality time alone with Steve. While saying goodnight outside my hotel room door, we stumbled upon a room marked "pantry."

Peering inside, we discovered the maid's supply room. Toilet paper, towels and paper towels were shelved over a concrete floor, and in the centre of the room was the hotel elevator shaft. It was no "garden of Eden," but it was private and so we ducked inside to steal a quick goodnight kiss.

Steve told me how much I meant to him. Then he got down on one knee. There, in the dark pantry, a small flashlight shone on a beautiful ring and Steve said," "I love you. Will you marry me?"

Stunned by his proposal, I yelped: "Yes, yes, yes!"

Eight months later we were married. Steve and I truly believe it was in God's perfect timing. Our wedding bands are engraved with the words "in His time." God has a unique and wonderful plan for each of us. We have to continually trust in His timing in all areas of our lives, though it isn't always easy.

At the beginning of our relationship Steve and I discussed our physical boundaries. We were both waiting for the right partner and we wanted everything to be perfect, so we decided to save the physical intimacy for marriage. It has always been a priority to have God as the centre of our union and our focus for daily living. God's love and protection has consistently surrounded us both.

We have now been married for three years and our love for each other grows deeper each day. We never lose sight of God's faithfulness to us and are thankful that He saw fit to bring us together "in His time."

Linda Leigh is the proofreader for Faith & Friends.

Originally published in Faith & Friends, February 2004.




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