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Thanksgiving and Prayer
Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, efforts of the Body of Christ in Canada to work together and give common expression to the biblical principles we share, have been rewarded.

Have you paused recently to consider all that you have to be thankful for? It is important to take time to consider what God has accomplished through you and how He has enabled you to be a witness for Him. We each have gifts and abilities, and we each have experiences and knowledge that enable us to make a unique contribution in our families, churches, communities and in our country.

… the EFC has a unique place and role in the life of the Church and our country.

As the national association of Evangelicals, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) has a unique place and role in the life of the Church and our country. We are the gathering place for Evangelicals nation-wide and when Evangelicals gather, two things happen.

First, connections are made, and we begin to ask in what ways we can work together to accomplish what we cannot accomplish alone. In consultation with pastors and ministry leaders, the EFC identifies areas of possible cooperation and gathers the relevant ministry leaders together. The EFC then assists in the formation of a partnership or becomes the platform on which ministry roundtables can be formed. Through our Center for Ministry Empowerment we facilitate and support the coming together of ministries and ministry leaders for more effective service.

Second, we seek ways to give common expression to the wisdom of the biblical principles we share and affirm, and we explain how obedience to these principles will bring healing and wholeness to our homes, churches, communities and nation.

In Ottawa our Centre for Faith and Public Life undertakes research, interacts with government officials, makes submissions to Parliamentary Committees and intervenes in key court cases. We also produce resources designed to assist Evangelicals to apply biblical principles to a variety of issues and constructively advance these principles in a plural and increasingly secularized society.

In support of these efforts we conduct seminars for pastors, publish a news feature magazine and an innovative website ( that track the stories and ideas of the Evangelical movement. They provide a range of resources that prepare and encourage ministry initiatives in Canada and internationally in partnership with the World Evangelical Fellowship.

Throughout the past year the staff of the EFC have prayerfully sought first to discern the initiatives and communications that God would have the EFC undertake on behalf of the Body of Christ in Canada, and second, to petition Him for grace, favour and ability to carry out the assignments.

We invite you to rejoice with us at the accomplishments. For the tasks still in progress, join us in prayer that God's will be done through the EFC.

Bruce Clemenger is the president of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Originally published in Canada Watch, Summer 2004.




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