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It's Time for Canada to Bless Israel
The clock is ticking. We can tell where God is on His timeline of eternal purpose by His dealings with Israel. It is time for the Church and for Canada to bless what He is doing.

Do you remember when you first received a watch or when your children received their first watches? Often, as parents, we have had to endure the exciting news of the change of time—minute by minute. As Christians, when we receive the understanding of Israel as God's prophetic timepiece, we must receive it as a precious gift, to be shared as good news with all who will listen.

It's Time for Canada to Bless Israel
Jews offering up prayers in Jerusalem

The ministry, Christians for Israel, has an important mandate in Canada and around the world. Their call is to serve the Church by bringing new understanding of the Church's relationship to Israel and the Jewish people. They want to proclaim the exciting news that as the Lord restores Israel and returns the Jewish people to the land promised to their forefathers, it all points to the time of Jesus' return. In this way, Christians for Israel is a timely ministry for the Church.

It is one thing to be able to tell the time and quite another to respond to the time. I've experienced the joy when my children can tell what time it is. However, the joy is unspeakable when they consistently get up on time, arrive to the dinner table on time, and even go to bed on time. When my children respond to the correct time, life becomes so much more exciting in our family. Do you think that when the Church responds to the correct time, our Father in heaven gets excited too?

Christians for Israel have had the great opportunity to participate in seeing many people, and even whole local churches, receive greater understanding of their relationship with Israel. It helps them to identify purpose in their own relationship with God. They understand what time it is.

What's more, many Canadians are also responding correctly to the time. It is evidenced in many ways. One way is when someone has a sense of urgency to bless Israel and they want to do it again and again. Some do it by helping to bring the Jewish people home. Others have a heightened interest in fervently praying for the peace of Jerusalem. Others want to be a blessing to the local Jewish people in their community.

Responding correctly to the time is manifesting itself in many wonderful ways. I believe it is the beginning of an incredible move of repentance by the Church that will reveal a depth of humility so needed for the grace of God to abound in this nation.

God's timetable is truly revealed through His dealings with Israel.

As I travel throughout Canada speaking with Canadians that represent many different denominations, its clear that God is no respecter of persons. He's giving understanding about Israel (the timepiece) to just about anyone who would care to receive it. Race, color or religious affiliation is not getting in the Lord's way. This is marvellous. Israel is even bringing a unity to the Body of Christ in all its diverse expressions.

God's timetable is truly revealed through His dealings with Israel. His plans and purposes for Israel have everything to do with His blessings poured out on the other nations. Yet in all God's wisdom, it would seem that He has chosen a body of people called the Church, to participate in being the key that pushes time forward, or the battery power that keeps the timepiece running. Let's continue to understand the time and respond as the Lord would have us. It's Time … for Canada to Bless Israel!

Dean Bye is the executive director of Return Ministries, North American ministry dedicated to the return of the Jewish people of Israel.

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Originally published in Christians for Israel TODAY, 2001.




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