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Highlighting "35 < 35" Serves Us All
Four organizations are receiving nominations for Canada's top 35 Christian leaders under the age of 35. Those selected will be recognized and encouraged in their ministries.

Four national organizations are working to strengthen and encourage the people of God in Canada by identifying promising young leaders and helping to extend their influence.

Arrow Leadership Ministries, ChristianWeek, the Canadian Council of Christian Charities and the Bridgeway Foundation have launched a process to find and choose 35 young Christians (35 years of age and under) who are exercising their gifts in the Canadian context.

The "35<35" project aims to celebrate and equip select members of a new generation of leaders in order to bolster their ministries, and to be heartened by the skills and commitment they demonstrate. And it hopes Canadian Christians of all ages will be encouraged and inspired by the wealth of talent already operating in their midst and the great hope for the future they represent.

Those selected will receive free tuition to a conference that focuses on the emerging ministry landscape. They will also be featured in a special edition of a nationally distributed magazine and treated to a special retreat with their colleagues.

"35 < 35" is the brainchild of Arrow Leadership Ministries president Carson Pue and program director Steve Brown. Helping leaders "to be more like Jesus, to lead more like Jesus and to lead more to Jesus" is at the very heart of their vocation. Arrow is providing significant support services to the project and organizing a three-day retreat designed to encourage, equip and strengthen for a lifetime of ministry.

John Pellowe of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) is also eager to see the broader Christian community served by skilled and motivated leaders. The select 35 will be featured guests at CCCC annual conference where Brian McLaren will be the keynote speaker.

ChristianWeek is involved on the communication side. Reporters for the national newspaper will be writing profiles of the finalists and producing a special magazine that will be distributed widely throughout the Canadian Christian community.

Funding for the project is coming from the Bridgeway Foundation's "Innovation Fund." Developing leadership and encouraging originality are key funding priorities for Bridgeway president Mark Petersen, whose organization "collaborates with innovators to grow healthy and productive non-profit organizations."

The selection process is happening right now. The project champions are looking for leaders. Young leaders. If you know a Christian ministry worker 35 years of age and under whose commitments and skills should be recognized and advanced, this is a chance to help them out.

Please visit for all the details and fill out a nomination form.

Doug Koop is the editorial director for Fellowship for Print Witness, publishers of ChristianWeek.

Originally published in Christian Week. April 13, 2007.




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