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Church Investments
Question: It's been bothering me for a long time that our church has quite a lot of money invested and uses the interest for the general fund. Is this legal, for a nonprofit organization that's expected to use our donations for church and ministry purposes?

Answer:I'm not a lawyer, but I suspect it is legal or so many churches wouldn't be doing it. They're probably saving it for a "rainy day." The more appropriate question might be, Is it right in God's eyes?

As I see it, as long as there is need in our "global village," whether next door or next continent, it is wrong to see such resources kept from bringing healing, hope and faith to many. I know others feel the same way and won't give to a treasury sitting on large investments. It wouldn't surprise me if the tax people won't soon see this as their next opportunity, and force churches with over a certain ceiling amount "for a rainy day" to pay taxes on it. Maybe we need something like that to force us into proper Christian stewardship. Is it legal? Probably. Is it right? No.

Why not ask your church leaders to at least discuss this matter in the light of scriptural teachings? You might suggest that the needy near and far are saying "It's raining!"

Rev. Rudy Plug pastors in Barrie, Ontario.




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