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Disappointed with the Halloween Weblog

This letter is a response to the article, "Halloween or Hallelujah."

I am very disappointed with the two articles you presented on your website on the issue of Halloween. I believe it is this very type of thing that makes it increasingly difficult for the Church to speak into our world with any kind of credibility. While Halloween has some dark origins, and while some individuals continue to practice acts that we would consider to be darkness, the vast majority of people who participate in the events of the day are doing nothing more than enjoying a fun time with their families.

To suggest that Christians go to their nice "safe" Halleluia parties, leaving their houses dark and unwelcoming, or to carve pumpkins with the letters "Jesus is Lord" on them etc. is irresponsible. If we are so dead set against Halloween, then any recognition of the day is a celebration of the day.

What if we were known as the house on our block that gives out the most and the best candy? What if we were the most welcoming people in the neighbourhood? What if we used this as an opportunity to get to know our neighbours and they discovered that Christians can be fun people to know?

What if out of that people began to ask us questions about our Christianity? What if when they had a crisis they knew that they could come to us and we wouldn't preach at them, but rather, we would cry with them and hold their hand through the time of pain? What if we got involved in their lives before we preached at them and showed them that we loved them rather than judged them? I believe the impact would be much greater than giving salvation tracts instead of treats.

It is not my desire to urge the celebration of Halloween on anyone but is it possible that as believers in Christ, we could seek to redeem it rather than to ignore it? We have long been told that if the righteous don't act then the world will get worse and worse. Here is a place where we can act in a positive way without partaking in whatever evil there may be associated with the day.

A great book to read on this is John Fischer's Fearless Faith. He includes a chapter on Halloween.




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