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Significant Books and Websites for Churches
Don't reinvent the wheel! Here are some excellent resources for churches that want to play an effective role in missions.


Sarah A. Lanier. Foreign to Familiar: A guide to Understanding Hot- and Cold-Climate Cultures, (Hagerstown: McDougal publ. 2000).

Excellent for believers experiencing missions for the first time …

Lanier provides an enjoyable and simple introduction to the complexities of intercultural relationships. Excellent for believers experiencing missions for the first time, or those who want to engage people from different cultures at home and for those who want to better understand the cultural issues missionaries face.


Bruce Bradshaw, Bridging the Gap: Evangelism, Development and Shalom. (Monrovia: MARC, 1993).

The author presents an eye-opening explanation of the relationship between developmental work and the spiritual realm from both a western perspective and a contrasting African worldview. He develops a holistic concept of "Shalom" from the Hebrew worldview. This concept can greatly enhance our ability to present development projects, such as hospitals, relief work, etc., in a way to help the recipients understand the connection to the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Dean Flemming Contextualization in the New Testament: Patterns for Theology and Mission. (Downers Grove: IVP. 2005).

This terrific book deals with the issue of contextualizing the Gospel. Flemming examines specific passages to explain how the NT authors contextualized the Gospel for their setting. He then concludes with a "must read" summary that encourages us to "sing the story in diverse keys," while maintaining coherence within theological diversity and avoiding syncretism.

Updating mission information

Make the home page on your browser so you can read how God is working in different parts of the world. A great reminder to pray for missions.

Mobilizing for mission

Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor, Send Me: Your Journey to the Nations (World Evangelical Fellowship / Pasadena: William Carey Library. 1999).

A helpful book that church leaders should recommend to men and women with a desire to serve cross-culturally. A step-by-step process presents a holistic approach to missions.

Enhancing short-term mission

If your church is planning a short-term mission trip, take the opportunity to give the participants a biblical view of missions. Eternal Impact is a ten-week missions course with workbooks and a DVD, which provides a biblical framework for missions that involves all the members of the church, not just the participants. Contact: The Caleb Project, 10 West Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, Co 80120 USA.

Mission education

Perspective on the World Christian Movement continues to be a popular missions course. It introduces a comprehensive view of missions, and provides an update and encouragement for those who have been involved in missions. To find the course nearest you, visit the website:

Interactive programs

George Patterson has developed an interactive multiple-choice game called Come, Let us Disciple the Nations that imparts information and encourages a greater commitment in missions. Download it at

Web sites of unreached people groups

How can our church do missions better?

Advancing Churches for Missions Commitment (, an interdenominational organization with representatives in Canada, has a website with a number of good resources to assist churches. Especially recommended are two CDs with "all you need to know" about doing short-term missions successfully and having an effective missions program in your church.

Recommended newsletters

Synergy newsletter by Dual Reach:

Mission Catalyst:

Brigada Today:

For more information about the above materials, contact Mark Naylor at

Originally published in The Evangelical Baptist, Fall 2006.




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