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Does the Money We Send Reach the Poor?
Does the money our country sends reach anyone other than the corrupt leaders?

This is a response to the article, "Christian Activists Welcome Live 8 Opportunity."

It is indeed admirable for nations to help poorer countries but does the money we send reach the poor? Those who really need the aid? Often the answer is no. Unfortunately many of these poor countries are run by very corrupt officials. Remember president Marcos of the Philippines? He made himself, his relatives and many of his friends very rich people at the expense of his country men. Sad! So sad.

What can we do to correct this? I don't know. Maybe you can answer that. We, in Canada, should try to help those in need but let us not forget those in need right here in Canada. Before we start sending many millions of dollars to poorer countries that may end up just filling the pockets of these corrupt officials, we need to address, for one thing, the condition of the homeless people in Toronto. That horrible situation can be, and should be eliminated.

Many times smaller groups such as World Relief, or some of the worthy and legitimate Christian organizations can get help to the needy much better than governments. In a smaller group it is easier to ensure that the aid goes to the right people as it is administered, usually by a group representative right within a country. That, I think is the way to go—with smaller and more dedicated organizations.

Check out the Donato cartoon in the Canoe web site. He hits the nail right on the head when addressing this very sad situation!




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