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Blessings and Curses in Our Lives

Our past, and what our ancestors did, can influence our present. Here is what one believer discovered about breaking generational curses so God's blessings can flow.

Over the last 15-20 years God has revealed to me, to a far greater extent than ever before, a clearer understanding of who I am, my identity in Christ and how important it is for me to know what God says about me and my relationship with Him. Resources from Neil Anderson's Freedom in Christ Ministries have helped in my journey with personal applications and also with helping others experience greater freedom in their lives.

I found out that many things under the surface influenced the slope of my lawn. In the same way many things just under the surface influenced my life.

One of the aspects I thought about was how people and experiences of my past had influenced me and my view of life. I learned about forgiveness, and practice it, letting go of issues and people in my past so they can no longer hinder my freedom. But Neil Anderson's claim that past generations could continue to affect me and either bless or curse my life, wasn't clear to me until some time later. Eventually Exodus 20: 5-6 became key to my understanding. It talks about generational influences in our lives. God says, " … punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments." This indicates to me that the past is significant and needs to be dealt with intentionally.

The other day I was clearing an area beside our garage, trying to level the ground so the trailer could sit there during the times we make use of it. A spiritual application for the digging exercise came to me. As I dug through the sod, tree roots, rocks and clay soil I was surprised by some of the things that were exposed. I had suspected I might encounter something because I could see tree roots in places and because the sod in the area did not really grow that well on the slope. Large roots from the tree in the neighbour's yard were intertwined throughout my soil, interconnecting in an intricate root system at varying depths. I pulled, chopped and cleared them away and dug through the thin layer of topsoil into a clay bed. My shovel clinked and sparks flew as I also hit rocks. I needed brute strength with the help of tools like the axe, shovels and moisture to make progress with the task. It was a big job, and I couldn't finish it all that day.

I found out that many things under the surface influenced the slope of my lawn. In the same way many things just under the surface influenced my life. Some of these things were from my past—known and unknown; clearly visible or hidden and yet to be discovered and dealt with. Some were deeply embedded and had affected my growth and freedom in Christ causing "slopes" in areas of my life. They may have been occurrences in the physical realm or in the spiritual realm. Whether they were deeply rooted or just below the surface, they were just like the roots and rocks that I was removing to eliminate their negative influence in my life. The gaps that were left where the roots and rocks used to be were like the gaps in my spiritual life that now had to be filled with the Spirit of God. Eventually healing left some scars but new growth was evident and the very character of Christ was forming in me. Experiencing this greater freedom in Christ and knowing more clearly my identity in Christ, caused me to realize that only an unencumbered foundation could free me from my past and enable me to live "on level ground." When I embraced God's truth in my inner self, down deep so that it could permeate every part, the new, real life God intended could spring up in me. Psalm 51:6 says, "What you are after is truth from the inside out. Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life" (The Message). Life from the inside out!

Thus I saw how very important it was for me to recognize issues in my own past and among my ancestors that could have become "strongholds" of the enemy, or influences and attitudes that hindered and cursed my life several generations later. Even if I had not been aware of them, I needed to expose and expel them with God's help and in His time. How do we get rid of curses and strongholds in our lives? We counteract them with words. In order to deal with them I had to make some declarations.*1)

I declared that I reject and disown all the sins of my ancestors; that I am delivered from the power of darkness and am born into the kingdom of God's dear Son; that I cancel all demonic influences passed on to me from my ancestors; and that I reject any and all "ownership" Satan and his workers may claim over me. I also declared that I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ who purchased me with His blood and that I am eternally and completely signed over and committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. By the authority that I have in Christ Jesus I commanded every familiar spirit and every enemy of the Lord Jesus that might be influencing me to leave me, and I committed myself to do my heavenly Father's will.

Since then I have learned to submit to the Lord daily, to resist the enemy and to live in the freedom Christ purchased for me at Calvary.

Now I am able to live life on "level ground," do some digging and pulling or cutting and raking as needed, and become what God wants me to be — someone who is enabled by the flow of God's blessings instead of by the enemy's curses. Life is much better when you play on a level field!


1) Resolving Spiritual Conflicts. Neil Anderson. Freedom in Christ Ministries.

Julie Wiebe is a member of Valley Community Church of God in Dundas. She is involved in prayer ministry locally and regionally (provincially), and is also a volunteer prayer partner as Crossroads Ministry Centre in Burlington.

Originally published in The Messenger, June 2006.




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