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Pursuing Intimacy

We become like Jesus in the hidden place of deep intimacy with God, but the enemy crowds our lives with activity so we have no time or energy left to pursue Him.

The Holy Spirit is issuing a call for us to pursue Him like never before and to come into the place of communion and intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. "This is … the generation of those who seek Him, who seek your face" (Psalm 24:6). God is raising up people today who hunger and thirst for Him—a generation raised up by the Holy Spirit to reveal the glory of the Lord in these end times. These are the ones who know the times and seasons of God and sense the urgency of the hour.

Sell me the most valuable thing that you own and buy the pearl.

We have tasted the intoxicating wine of the Holy Spirit over the past 12 years. Being filled with His Spirit has brought such glorious freedom, healing, restoration and closeness to God. But I believe He has kept the best wine for last just as it happened at the wedding in Cana. We can only taste this fine wine in the place of intimate communion with the Bridegroom. It is the working of the Holy Spirit within us that causes a passionate longing for more of God. As we keep asking, seeking and knocking, we continue to receive more because the Father loves to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask. But there is a battle raging around us to keep us stagnating in the Outer Court and to stop us from entering and dwelling in the Holy of Holies. The enemy has a strategic plan to crowd our lives with activity so we have no time or energy left to pursue God. He is even happy if we fill our hours with good activities as long as we don't pursue time in the secret place with our Lord and King.

In April of last year at a meeting on the east coast of Canada, a young man approached me and said that the Lord had told him to give me a pearl necklace. It was an exquisite, three-strand necklace of large, fresh water pearls. I was hesitant to receive such a costly gift. But the young man insisted that he had never heard the Lord speak so clearly before. A week later, I had a dream. In the dream the Lord came to me and said, "Carol, I have given you those pearls. The three strands are to remind you of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit." Then He said, "Notice how the pearls are held together. The clasp is one very large pearl. Sell me the most valuable thing that you own and buy the pearl." I woke up and said to the Lord, "What do you want me to sell? What is my most valuable possession?" He answered, "Carol, the most valuable thing that you own is your time. Sell me your time and you will have the pearl of great price."

The Lord referred me to Matthew 13:45-46. "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it." Pearls form around a small grain of sand inside an oyster. The irritation causes the oyster to exude a substance that covers the grain of sand resulting in a beautiful pearl. It is made in the secret place, and when that oyster is brought up from the depths of the sea and opened, the light reveals a pearl of great price and beauty. This is what happens to you and me when we hide away in the secret place. We emerge coated inside and out with the glory of the Lord. The pearl of great price is our lovely Jesus and we become like Him in that hidden place of deep intimacy.

Let's determine in our hearts to do battle against the enemy who would rob us of our time—the most valuable possession we have—and let's pursue intimacy with our Lord no matter what the cost.

Carol Arnott and her husband John are based at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. They travel and speak internationally.

Originally published in the Harvest Family Newsletter, July 2006.




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