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QUEST Videos Transform Youth
How do you get a youth group excited about sharing Christ with their peers? Youth workers share their stories of how these videos bring salvation and lasting change to young people's lives.

Videos with a fresh, youthful approach to the message of the Gospel, bring salvation and lasting transformation to young people in youth groups and in prison. To view a QUEST excerpt, or for more information, see the end of this article.

QUEST in the classroom

I'm a youth pastor in Alberta and I have owned the QUEST series for about a year. In that time, I have put it to work opening doors for me to communicate what kind of God we have.

She was so taken with the … video … she asked me to teach her class for eight sessions this past fall …

When I first bought the videos I wanted to show them to my discipleship group of students. We met every Thursday morning for study and prayer, but really felt we needed to begin sharing what we believed with others. We used the QUEST material with two purposes in mind: to solidify what we believed, but also to communicate with friends in a creative way what we believe. So far none of the students have been bungee jumping, but they realize that they each have a unique way of communicating their faith, which Phil (the host) does really well in the videos.

Then that same group of students showed QUEST in our civic center last spring to their friends after school. They did the whole pop and chips thing with a few students at each table. It was awesome.

As the youth pastor I basically set up the screen and pressed "Play." They did all the rest. What a delight to watch them invite their friends with confidence and lead the groups!

This is my favourite part about what happened. One of the days at the civic center the religious studies teacher from the high school popped her head in just to see what was up. She was so taken with the professional way in which the video was done, and the way it kept the students' interest, that she asked me to teach her class for eight sessions this past fall, which I did. I shared my personal story in the first class, and then used the video for the last seven classes. The discussions that came out of the lessons were amazing.

Some discussions I never would have imagined could happen in a public school, and some I expected to happen. At the end of the class there was a few who said their worst fears about Christians were confirmed (ie: we think there is only one way to God), but others asked what time we meet on Sundays and whether they had to dress up to come. It was awesome.

During the time I went to the class and used the videos, my goal was to simply listen and not be defensive. I hoped to do what I think is Evangelism, and dispel the [negative] image of the Church. I have been invited back to teach again in the spring, and I am really excited.

Evan Dewald is a youth pastor in Alberta.

QUEST transforms youth in prison

I am the Volunteer Youth Leader at my church. I originally bought QUEST this year and ran it for my youth group and they had a phenomenal time during the seven weeks. Although all of my youth already have a personal relationship with Christ, it helped to answer some questions for some of them and also helped them to see how unchurched kids see these issues via the interviews throughout each of the sessions.

" … I see these two programs as having the ability to create … change in these young men."

But here's the really exciting news.

We also work with youth in a local male youth prison in our area. We are assigned to what's called a unit. Each unit houses 20 young men ranging in age from 13 to 18 years. My team actually works with two side-by-side units that equal about 30 young men. I spoke with the volunteer of services director, and the director over my units and they agreed to allow me to run a special seven-week series to show QUEST to the young men who volunteer to attend our Wednesday night service.

We just completed the seven-week series last night. We averaged 12 to 15 young men each of the Wednesday nights. On our very first night when we broke out into small groups of three to four youth to one of my leaders, two young men requested that they wanted to accept Christ that very night. Last night the group of four young men that I met with during our break-out time all decided to accept Jesus as their Saviour. When I polled my other two teams three other young men also prayed and asked Christ into their hearts.

In addition to allowing me to run QUEST, the two directors agreed to allow us to follow up QUEST with five weeks of the 40 Days of Purpose(40 DOP) campaign by Rick Warren's church. I figured if we could walk these youths down a "quest" to search out the truth and hopefully make a decision for Christ, then we could continue our journey to help them understand why God put them on this planet in the first place.

The unit director is not a Christian, but he specifically stated that he was willing to allow us to run QUEST and 40 DOP back-to-back because after I had explained the two programs to him he saw the potential these two programs had to build and change the character of these young men. He said, "I am 100 percent for seeing a positive change of character in these young men. I see many of them on the pinnacle of change to where their character will either be swayed to be destructive or will be built up into a constructive character that will seek to do what is right. I see these two programs as having the ability to create this change in these young men."

We will now start our first 40 DOP sessions. My prayer is that all the young men who have started out with us during QUEST will continue this journey during the next five weeks.


Since I wrote the above testimony, we have completed our 40 Days of Purpose campaign. Although we were assigned to two units, only one unit of 20 youths participated in our Wednesday night Bible study. By the last few sessions of 40 DOP we were getting 100 percent participation from our unit of 20 youths. The other unit of ten youths belong to a ward where inmates are medicated at night and are therefore unable to attend.

Between both campaigns, QUEST and 40 DOP, all 20 of these young men asked Christ into their hearts. We are now working with them to continue the foundational building of a relationship with Christ.

Gary Sherman attends River Church, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

View a sample of QUEST, Session Five: "Something for Nothing"

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QUEST, distributed by Imagex Media is available from for a limited time. For more information, visit the website, or contact Celeste at

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