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Signs and Wonders

Since experiencing signs and wonders in their own lives, the Silversteins and Milnes have decided to do wonders with signs and billboards in the Edmonton area.

The biblical phrase "signs and wonders;" provokes thought in everyone's minds as the days grow shorter and natural disasters like the tsunami cause us to look for God.

Signs and Wonders
Lorne and Rita Silverstein are partnering with another Edmonton
couple to work wonders with city signs.

Recently, two Edmonton couples made it easier for their city to find Him.

Since experiencing signs and wonders in their own lives, the Silversteins and Milnes have decided to do wonders with signs!

Lorne and Rita Silverstein have a ten-year-old ministry, Every Home for Jesus, which reaches out to the greater Edmonton area through conferences, angels' booths, full-page ads and billboards.

Two years ago they put up a billboard that proclaimed, "Jesus Christ is Lord of Edmonton and Area." Most recently, they've constructed a new billboard declaring "Jesus Christ is Lord of Canada."

Claims Lorne, "The whole thing with the billboards is it's really an act of obedience. It's not like we said, 'Hey, let's do a billboard.' It was an act of obedience to the Lord. You really have to do it, step out, and leave it in His hands."

For Scott and Teri-Dawn Milne, the vision for a billboard started when Scott, employed by Yvonne's Furniture, was driving to work one day. "In Edmonton," he says, "we have a lot of corporate billboards that use almost lewd images, very coarse, anti-family."

Through prayer, he felt God challenge him to use the billboards in a more positive way. As a result, Jesus Loves Canada, was born.

The first sign appeared at the end of 2004, followed by another on February 14, 2005.

"Have you trusted Jesus with your life?" the billboard asks. "What do you have to lose?" And underneath:

What does the Internet have to do with a billboard?

"I had the sign. I had the message … .," says Scott, but "some people are going to want to go further, to go deeper. So that's where the website came up."

A connection with Lorne Silverstein enabled that to happen.

"Lorne and I got talking," Scott says. "I'm by no means a webmaster. I wanted something that would have an infrastructure where, after being introduced to Jesus, they could even go further and talk to somebody."

Lorne remembers, "Someone found out what he was doing, and brought him to us to connect. We … pray for him and his wife and the vision as well because it was so similar to what we were doing."

So how successful has this ministry been? What effect has it had? It's hard to say, of course.

However, explains Scott, "The routes that we've chosen (Sherwood Park Freeway and Argyll Road) see anywhere from 20 to 50 thousand cars a day … perhaps … some people know better and they realize that they should be more involved with Jesus in terms of having an intimate relationship with Him. 'What do you have to lose?' Sometimes that's all it takes is to have a little poke in the spirit."

Lorne and Rita agree. After all, 18 years ago, they each felt that 'poke,' and it changed their lives.

"Before that, there was really no purpose," describes Lorne, a born-again Jew. "Life was drifting. Jesus turned me inside out. I had a vision from the Lord that just turned me around 180 degrees … Jesus was so real to me in the vision."

His wife, who partners with him in ministry, had a similar experience. "I was just really seeking the truth—the meaning of life—and Jesus revealed Himself as I was sitting one day and reading a 12-step program. The final step says that you have a spiritual awakening, and God just shone His light right through my inner being."

As far as the future, "We're just waiting on God for further instruction at this point," says Lorne.

In other words, they're waiting for a sign.

Laura Hunt is a writer and speaker in Willis, Michigan. E-mail: Visit her website at

Originally published in Living Light News, March/April 2005.




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