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Strawberries and Truth

When you mix strawberries with God's love and prayer, you get a delightful "recipe" for sharing your faith. Here is one man's story of how this "recipe" touched hearts in his community.

After greeting the family dog and knocking on the door, I knew much about the home owners before they even spoke. There was some scepticism at the sight of a man carrying a box of berries and a little magazine, and some annoyance by an unwanted interruption. True, sometimes I was met with expressions that were welcoming and friendly.

Wesley Frizzell

"Hello, my name is Wesley Frizzell. I am going around the community today giving away strawberries and a practical reminder of God's love for you."

(At this point the conversation could go anywhere and often did. One woman's eyes opened wider as she grappled with my words and the meaning of the berries in her hand.) She looked like her heart had been refreshed by my words and the small gift. God's love had found available soil.

One man asked, "Can I make a donation?" To which I responded, "To accurately represent God's love for us as shown through Christ, these strawberries have to be free. God's gift of salvation and all the riches of heaven are freely given to all who will humbly receive them through faith in Christ."

Grace is difficult for some to receive as shown in this example. "Wow … WOW!" (Eyes beginning to water.) "Thank you!" The love of God that made a way for everyone to be saved had touched her heart.

Yet another: "I don't believe in that so I better not take them."

"Oh, that's okay. You don't have to believe. I have no expectation of you if you take them. I just want to bless you."

A few people said, "Thank you! That's kind. Can you come in for a bit?" We would share a bit of our lives and talk about the Lord. One said, "No thanks. Religion is the cause of all the problems in the world."

"For the most part, I would agree with your statement. There are always people who twist the truth for selfish purposes. There is truth and there are lies. God has given us the freedom to choose."

After I gave them the strawberries, I would say, "Here is a little Christian magazine with some stories of people's experiences with God. My name and address are on the back. You can have one if you like."

"Sure, I'll have a look at that," or "I'll pass, but thanks for the berries." (Most people took one.)

I asked people if they would let me pray for them. One man said contemplatively, "No. Just talking with you has been like a prayer for me." Many of those I asked said, "Yes," and told me of concerns about health, family situations, work, world peace, or finances. I could tell by reactions that regardless of God's response to my prayer, He had already touched their hearts.

Two ladies standing in the doorway holding the box of strawberries and magazine I had given them, their eyes watering, said, "Thank you." Someone cared enough to give them something and then ask God to do something that only He could do. At another place, neighbours and I stood around a pickup. There were open beer bottles, cigarettes, strawberries and a Christian magazine sitting on the hood. After I prayed with them, one man said, "Thanks, Wes. That was good."

It was great to see many people taste the bread of life and be refreshed by the living water. To experience something in the name of God was great. I am convinced that it is the kindness of God that brings us to repentance: "Or do you show contempt for the riches of His kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you toward repentance?" (Romans 2:4). For that reason I desire to imitate our Father and show His love to people.

Wesley Frizzell lives in Bognor, Ontario.

Originally published in Word & Deed, an SCA International publication, Autumn 2006.




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