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Pray the Children

"That's what you get for asking God to show you his purpose in your life," commented one woman as laughter broke out among members of the group.

Alice had just shared that God was planting an idea in her mind that just wouldn't go away. It seemed he was showing her a need for a specific ministry and she was tagged "it"!

Why is when God asks us to do something that will make us stand out a bit from the crowd, we hesitate and become reluctant to take that step forward to say "Okay God, let's get to work"?

For me it's a feeling that I don't want to put myself forward as if I'm somebody important when I'm not. I know my limitations only too well. But, you see, that's the point! If God asks us to do something, we won't be doing it. He'll be doing it through us. God does, however, want our humility and willingness to participate; to do the work, to step aside from "ourselves" so that he can get the job done his way.

We are God's hands, feet and mouth on this earth. We are the physical human instruments he uses to share his love with others.

"Sometimes I wish God wouldn't keep asking me to step out of my comfort zone," said another anxious woman. Hey, don't we all understand that one? It's not like God forces us to respond to his request. We have to step forward in faith—and that's the tough part!

It's taken almost a year for this ministry to settle in Alice's heart. Prayer has been her guide. Still, she had to step forward with a boldness and courage that exemplifies her faith and trust in the Lord.

"Why me?" asked Alice. "I'm a nobody. My children have their ups and downs. I'm a widow and grandmother. I've done things in my life I'm not proud of and I've got health problems. The only thing that holds me together is my relationship with Jesus Christ."

And God replied, "Perfect, that's why I've tagged you as the one to spearhead this new ministry."

"Pray the Children" was God's idea.

Our children, infants to adults, need to be covered with prayer on an ongoing basis. Sometimes, as moms, we are embarrassed to ask others to pray about our children because we don't want anyone to know what's going on in their lives. Drugs, sex, alcohol abuse, new age spiritualism, gay lifestyles, peer pressure, shyness and the perennial "God isn't real to me!"—all are just a few of the conspirators in the battle for children's minds and hearts. For our adult children, add financial problems, divorce, anger, job loss, stress, health and a host of other problems that sometimes widens the gulf between them and their Creator.

I have given my four children and three grandchildren over to "Pray the Children." There are times when I phone with a new situation, and there are times when I call just to say "thank you." At times I simply call for assurance and comfort, and they cover me with prayer too. I have found great peace and spiritual strength through this loving, confidential ministry. And prayers have been answered!

Perhaps you know of a similar ministry in your local fellowship. If so, you're richly blessed to have a circle of friends with whom you can share your burdens. If not, perhaps you'd like to get in touch with my circle of friends. I offer them to you for the sake of you and your children.

15641 96 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5P 2R7
Phone: (780) 476-9411 FAX: (780) 472-9209

Gail Millman was women's editor for Northern Light magazine. Gail passed away Aug 12, 2002 in Edmonton, Alberta. She wrote, Move Over, Job, during the last months of her life. Her book was published posthumously by her family, and is available for $10, plus $2 for postage and handling. Proceeds go to programs of the Edmonton Women's Ministry. For more information see:'s%20Ministry/Gail%20Millman's%20Book.htm.

Northern Light Magazine, July 2000,




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