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The Power of Prophetic Decrees—Part Four: Scriptural Truths to Decree

The Bible tells us who we are in Christ, and what our inheritance is in Him. We can tap into that inheritance by believing and speaking what God says about us.

Reminding the devil of your destiny

You are going to remind the devils in heaven about your destiny words from God. You might even know the ruling spirit that is keeping you from what God says is yours. Maybe God said He was going to release prosperity on you. Then you need to take your arrow, put it in your bow and say, "Spirit of poverty, God has said I would prosper. His word is true and you will not hinder me." Your arrow is released.

… say what God has said and make sure that hindering devil knows that you are taking authority!

Then you can release some revival arrows and some miracle arrows. You can also release some arrows against religious spirits. Now I want you to place a whole quiver of arrows on your back. Every one of those arrows is a promise. I don't want you to be like the king of Israel—none of this 1-2-3 stuff. You need to be involved. Let the Holy Spirit bring to the forefront of your mind every word that God has given you, right now. Let God remind you of every prophetic promise—those are your words and they have authority. They will come to pass as you decree them.

So begin to shoot right now. Shoot! C'mon! Take out another one—say what God has said and make sure that hindering devil knows that you are taking authority! Let's shake the kingdom of darkness! Maybe you want to get married! Get some of your wife arrows and husband arrows out. Keep going. "My God you promised me revival. My God, you promised me healing and prosperity. You listen to me devil of poverty—you will not prevail!" Shoot! Prophecy!

Taking out revival arrows

Now, let's make a declaration for revival: "Demon of religion, I want revival! Father I release revival." Shoot and keep shooting! Shoot against religion! Shoot against unbelief! Shoot against apathy! Keep going—the heavens are opening! Now get out another arrow and say, "Father, I want miracles. You promised miracles. You promised healing. I take aim against demons of infirmity, devils of sickness, every demon of disease." Take aim saints, and as you shoot say, "Be healed in Jesus name!" Then take authority over the demon of infirmity, the devil of sickness and the devil of disease! The weapons of our warfare are mighty through God.

Now take out an arrow for your family and say, "God, I want my household saved. I want my whole home saved, Jesus! I'm going to take aim against the god of this world that has blinded the hearts and minds of my family. Father I am releasing and prophesying the arrow of the glorious Gospel of truth that it may pierce the hearts of those in my house." Now for every person in your house that you want saved—call them by name and tell them to come out of darkness. Proclaim liberty to the captives. We are making the manifold wisdom of God known unto demonic powers and principalities in the heavens.

I am strong in the Lord …

Here are some powerful Scriptural truths. Let's decree these out loud, shoot arrows into the enemy's camp, and release our destiny:

  1. I am redeemed. I am bought with a price—with His precious blood.

  2. I am valuable to God and I am one in whom God has an inheritance.

  3. I am forgiven, made clean and reconciled to God.

  4. I am saved by the Gospel, born again. I'm incorruptible seed, a new creation in Christ.

  5. I am of God, complete in Christ Jesus. One with Him, I am free from the control of men and from the law of sin and death. Christ has set me free from the curse of the law. I am free indeed.

  6. God has called me according to His purpose.

  7. I am called into fellowship and into relationship, with Jesus.

  8. Peace, liberty and God's glory are my inheritance.

  9. I am God's field—He is cultivating my life.

  10. I am God's building, the temple of the Lord in whom the Holy Spirit lives.

  11. I am a branch connected to the Vine; His life flows through me.

  12. The Word of God abides in me. I am an epistle, a letter of Christ, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God.

  13. My life is not my own; I am a servant of God.

  14. The Father shares His plans and secrets with me because I am a friend of God.

  15. I am part of the Body of Christ. In Christ Jesus, I am also one of His saints. I am a fellow citizen with all the saints in the kingdom of God.

  16. I am a stranger to this world, a pilgrim just passing through.

  17. I am a bold witness for Christ because He has made me righteous.

  18. United to Him in Love, I am the bride of Jesus Christ.

  19. As a minister of the Gospel of Christ, I am jealous for the saints with a godly jealously.

  20. I am part of a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. I am a citizen of a holy nation and one of His own special people.

  21. I am an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ Jesus. As a member of God's family, I am also Abraham's seed and an heir according to the promises made to Abraham. I am a member of the household of God.

  22. As a child of the Most High God, I am lead by His Spirit. I am a child of the light, a child of the day.

  23. I am called to proclaim the praises of Him who called me out of darkness into His marvellous light. With Christ's light in me, I am the light of the world.

  24. My life brings divine flavour wherever I go for I am the salt of the earth.

  25. God has chosen me to be one of His own; Jesus has embraced me as His disciple.

  26. In His Word, God has called me a priest and a king. With that kingly anointing, I enforce God's will on earth.

  27. I am an ambassador, one of Christ's representatives in this world.

  28. As an intercessor and watchman for the Lord, I am seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

  29. I am blessed in the city and in the country. My children are blessed too. I am blessed in all that I put my hands to. I am blessed when I come in and when I go out.

  30. The Lord covers and protects me—I am invisible to my enemies.

  31. I am above and not beneath, the head and not the tail.

  32. God has called me to be a lender and not a borrower for He has freely given me all things through Christ.

  33. In Him I am rich. Filled with His joy, peace, patience and love, I freely love others. His kindness and goodness work powerfully through me.

  34. I am one who has faith. I am one who has gentleness and self-control. The fruit of the Spirit are displayed in my life.

  35. I am baptized in the Holy Spirit and gifted with powerful gifts from Heaven.

  36. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I cast out demons in His name. I am one who speaks with new tongues—God-given languages. According to God's Word, I am one who has power over serpents and every work of the enemy; I am one who cannot be poisoned or harmed.

  37. As God's ambassador, I am one who lays hands on the sick and they recover.

  38. I am healed from every infirmity and immune from every sickness and disease because I am God's child.

  39. I am strong in the Lord, having overcome the wicked one and the world. I am endued with power from on High.

Thank you Lord, Amen.

Todd Bentley, a Canadian evangelist, has an international ministry accompanied by signs, miracles and wonders. His web site is:




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