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Prayer for Our Government

The Scriptures teach us to pray first for our government and its leaders. Here are prayers we can pray for the three levels of government: federal, provincial, and local.

The following prayers for the federal, provincial and city levels of government are adapted for personal and congregational use from a prayer invocation at the Toronto Prayer Breakfast, March 2, 2004.

Deliver us from deterioration in moral standards, and a turning away from the spiritual truths …

We pause from our busy lives to pray for all three levels of government: federal, provincial and city. We believe in the positive results of making prayer a priority within this country, this province and our cities. We believe that prayer will lead to godly changes in society. Prayer can bring lasting results, and prayer can bring unity within our communities.

Without exception, Scripture tells us that when people unite in specific prayer, God hears, answers, provides, delivers and empowers them. For example; 2 Chronicles 13 tells us, "God promises to hear and answer the humble prayer of His people." In so many cases united prayer brought dramatic, powerful intervention by God on behalf of the people of Israel.

Prayer for the Federal Government

Dear God, we pray for wisdom and strength for Canadian leaders. We pray that they will have a conscience void of offence toward God and man.

We pray for our prime minister, Paul Martin, and his family. We pray for the cabinet ministers, deputy ministers, assistant deputy ministers, all members of parliament and their families. We pray for the senate and the leaders and members of all political parties who together provide leadership from Parliament Hill.

We pray for the decision-makers, the planners, technicians and all the thousands of civil servants who contribute to the day-to-day operation of this great country.

Keep them forever mindful of the importance of, and expectation that, they be men and women of integrity. Help them be upright, honest and sincere in all they do.

We ask that they be men and women of strong character with sound morality, and people of principle who share a strong vision of a godly nation with a bright future.

Keep them forever mindful of their influence, particularly upon Canada's young people so that future generations will be equipped to become effective, godly future leaders.

We pray for Canada's international reputation and relationships, and ask that our great country will earn the genuine respect of others, not only as we enhance our reputation as peace keepers, but especially as a Christian nation—a nation of men and women of godly influence who strive to serve the needs of mankind spiritually, mentally and physically.

Our country has made much progress in the advancement of technology, medicine, education, and increased standards of living. Deliver us from deterioration in moral standards, and a turning away from the spiritual truths that originally made Canada such a great nation.

God, we pray that the leaders of this great nation will pause to reflect upon the principles that made it great.

We thank you for the wisdom and promises of Scripture, and we ask that the leaders of our country be guided by these words of wisdom, as they lead, influence, develop the laws of this land, wrestle with the challenges of balancing budgets and face many issues before them. We pray that we as Canadians will never become morally bankrupt.

We pray that our leaders will lead with compassion and love, and be forever aware of their huge responsibility to the people of this nation and of their greater responsibility to God.

We will each be held accountable for what we do on earth, and we are reminded in Luke that "from everyone to who has been given much, much will be demanded; and, from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."

Dear God, we ask your blessing on our nation's leaders. Give them the strength, vision, love and compassion they require to be effective and godly leaders.

God bless and protect our nation's leaders. In Jesus' name, amen.

The provincial government

Leaders are asked to humble themselves and pray to seek and receive God's protection and blessing (see Ezra 8). Believers are told to ask for and receive boldness and abundant grace as they unite in one heart and mind in specific prayer (see Acts 4).

May their influence be positive, morally sound, inspirational and filled with compassion, love and respect.

Dear God, we are thankful for the beauty of our province—for open spaces, for freedom to move around and travel, for many natural resources, for fresh water, for green grass, trees, flowers, animals, birds, and nature in all of its magnificence and splendour.

We take so much for granted. Forgive us. We know that every good and perfect gift comes from you.

Our province is home to millions of people, and order, progress; and prosperity continue to rely upon effective, skilful and dedicated leadership.

We pray for wisdom and strength for our provincial leaders, especially for our premier and his family—may they be aware of our prayerful support. We pray for the cabinet ministers and all the members of the provincial parliament as they deliberate on issues. We pray also for their families. May our leaders take time with their loved ones to create a positive, loving atmosphere in their homes and to build good family relationships.

We pray that our provincial leaders will always be mindful of the essential qualities necessary to provide good leadership and that they will be servant leaders who serve people with integrity, sound morals, strong principles and compassion. May their influence be positive, morally sound, inspirational and filled with compassion, love and respect.

May more and more of our leaders seek your face and secure a personal knowledge of your love and presence in their hearts.

Thank you for their personal commitment and dedication. They have made numerous sacrifices to be our leaders. They balance budgets, enact provincial laws and regulations, develop a vision for the days and years ahead, and help create an exciting future for our province. Yet our leaders are human and have limitations. But God, we know that you are almighty and awesome, and we ask that you bless our provincial leaders, the premier, and the leaders of the other political parties who make up the political structure.

Bless the deputy ministers, assistant deputy ministers, managers and staff who combine with the thousands of civil servants to assist in the leadership of this great province.

God bless and protect our provincial leaders. In Jesus' name, amen.

Our cities

It is the responsibility of Christians to meet together and pray for all those in authority (see 1Timothy 2). Then we are told that whatever we ask for in prayer, if we believe that we have received it, then it is ours. (Mark 11).

We pray that our leaders will experience … ervant leadership in their own lives.

Dear God, we pray for our city (town) and all its surrounding communities. Change demands patience, understanding, vision and planning. It requires leaders to be in touch with their local communities, with knowledge of priorities and with a love and passion for the people and the work involved. We ask that you relieve the challenges and obstacles that cause delays, and impart to our leaders the ability to make progress, and inspire and motivate people.

Jesus was our greatest example of love and compassion. He walked among the people, taught, healed, loved and took a personal interest in their lives. We pray that our leaders will experience that kind of servant leadership in their own lives.

We thank you for each of them. We ask your blessing upon the mayor and his family. Also, we pray for our deputy mayors, committee chairs and every member of council, that they will bring strong and principled leadership to this community. Bless their families as they balance their responsibilities between home and public office.

Not only do the residents of this community look to them for leadership, but their actions are open to observation provincially, and sometimes internationally. We pray that our leaders will be mindful of their integrity, and that they accept their responsibilities with sincerity. May they always realize exactly what it means to be in a position of influence, and may their character and honesty help enhance the vision and future for our community.

We ask your blessing upon the commissioners, general managers, chiefs of fire and police and civil servants who assist in the administration and operation of this community.

God bless and protect our local leaders. In Jesus' name, amen.

The three levels of government

Dear God, we pray for effective and genuine cooperation between the three levels of government, so that people are served with honesty and sincerity and as a result find a new affection in their hearts for the wellbeing of others.

We are aware of the diversity of the population, and ask that our leaders serve without bias, prepared to reach out beyond traditional boundaries of service, to meet people in their time of need, and to lead them into a bright and optimistic future. Please grant them wisdom and strength. May they experience fulfillment and peace in the service of others.

God bless and protect our leaders. In Jesus' name, amen.

Alan Speed is Toronto's former fire chief.

Originally presented at the Toronto East Prayer Breakfast, March, 2, 2004.




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