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The Day the World Prays

Half a billion people are expected to gather in more than 156 nations on June 4, 2006, for the annual Global Day of Prayer. Toronto organizers plan to fill stadium. See it on video.

In stadiums, market squares, open fields, and churches across the globe, an astounding half a billion people are anticipated to gather on June 4, 2006, with one common focus—prayer. Chosen strategically to coincide with Pentecost Sunday, this year's Global Day of Prayer is expected to have the participation of over 156 nations (see the video titled, The Day the World Prays.

"In churches … wherever we present the message," states Rev. Dexter Quinlan, Steering Committee Chair of Global Day of Prayer Toronto, "there is an enthusiastic response. There really is a sense that God is calling the church together … to prayer on the Global Day of Prayer."

Beginning in 2001 as a meeting of 45,000 in Cape Town, South Africa, this prayer initiative quickly spread to the surrounding African nations. By 2004 the movement had exploded. Twenty-two million people attended prayer gatherings at approximately 2,000 locations throughout Africa.

Then in 2005, the prayer movement leaped continents and cultural groups. Over 200 million united together globally in a day of repentance and prayer for the world.

Why the tremendous interest?

"We're coming to that point where the Holy Spirit is accelerating things," notes Global Day of Prayer Toronto public relations pastor, Hany Boghossian. "People are hungering for His blessing, His presence. You see that manifested in what happened up until last year. 220 million people gathered on one day to pray … praying blessings, praying in repentance, and asking for His favour. As the body of Christ rises up to be that one church we will see phenomenal things that minds could not have imagined."

In Toronto, Canada's largest city, the Global Day of Prayer will be held in the 15,000 seat Air Canada Centre in the heart of the city. Christians of all denominations and ethnicities are expected to attend this meeting that is open to all - free of charge.

The international organizers plan to hold the Global Day of Prayer annually on Pentecost Sunday until the year 2010. They look forward to the day when every city in every nation will participate in prayer.

"As we, as believers, internationally unite in this unprecedented wave of prayer," states Boghossian, "[we see] the fulfillment of the prophecy in Habakkuk that the earth would be filled with the glory of the Lord as the water cover the seas. That is the intent; to be able to gather together locally in our own gatherings, united with our brothers and sisters across the globe, waiting and calling down the favour and the blessing of God … to cause many to come to know Him."

For more information about the Global Day of Prayer event in Toronto visit For information about Global Day of Prayer worldwide visit

Marney Blom, a graduate of Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) and the University of Toronto, is the Founder and News Director of ANN.

Originally published on the Acts News Network,, May 2006.




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