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Modesty at Church Events

Even conservative Evangelical Christian women dress in a revealing manner. How do pastors address this issue?

This letter is a response to Janet Epp Buckingham's weblog, "Modesty Becomes Us."

Your article, "Modesty Becomes Us," was so refreshing. You said so much of what I have said and wanted to say. My husband is pastor of a denomination tracing its history to the Reformation, an Evangelical, conservative church, especially in doctrines and worship style. And here too, it is just amazing the amount of flesh one can see in church on Sundays, especially in churches that are not air conditioned. When I relate the following I think you should know that I like to dress attractively, though modestly. I believe that is what the Bible teaches and our Lord expects from Christian women.

A few weeks ago I went to a wedding and I was just astounded at the amount of bare flesh and frontal cleavages I saw. Granted, it was a warm church and there was no air conditioning. On this day, however, it was quite comfortable in church. The exposure of flesh began with the bride and bridal party—all totally strapless—no shawl to cover anything, although in fairness I must say that they did an admirable job of hiding their cleavage (I realize it is hard to buy anything but wedding dresses with low necklines—but one can have beautiful shawls made or purchased—I saw this at another wedding). But that wasn't all.

I sat near the back and knew most of the younger guests through their family connections—very conservative Evangelical Christians. With only one or two exceptions, all the young ladies had exposed their backs, plus varying amounts of cleavage at the front. Some also showed a lot of leg above their knees (I could not help wondering if they purchased their dresses at a bargain price because their dresses required so little material). I went home and said to my husband, "I've never seen so much flesh exposed in church as at this wedding, and that is not the only place. What should be done about it?"

Several of our ministers have discussed how to approach this "problem," and you have given us some material to quote. May I have permission to use some of it? The links were helpful too.

Thanks so much. God bless you in all you do.




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