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Music of the Soul

Struck by cancer at an early age, she not only experienced God's healing power, but also His ability to meet all her needs. But she didn't know what He had in store for her!

In the late spring of 1995 bladder cancer was diagnosed in me; soon thereafter I underwent surgery to remove the tumour and the top third of my bladder. My bladder amazingly grew back to regular size and regained normal function. Eight months later I underwent another surgery to remove a benign tumour from my pancreas along with my entire spleen. Prior to my surgeries, I was helping my sister and brother-in-law with their two-month-old triplets and had plans to return to school to further my music education.

God used these experiences to teach me that He will always provide for all my needs.

But this testimony isn't about those trials and tribulations; it's about God's goodness in the five years since [see related article: God: Divine Matchmaker?].

Even though I was away from work recovering over those two different time periods for approximately three months, God still provided for all of my needs through wonderful family and friends and acquaintances. My bills were paid, airplane tickets to return to Ontario for surgery were paid, my landlords kept my room until my return (without charge!), my employers kept my job for me even though I had just started a few weeks earlier, and I was able to spend time with family and friends. Many people were praying for me and caring about me. Today, five years later, people whom I have not seen in months ask how I am.

After my recovery from both surgeries, I went back to school (Western Pentecostal Bible College in Abbotsford, BC) and obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in religion with a major in church music. While in school I gained additional musical experience by singing in one of the college's traveling teams and through involvement at Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly.

During that time I started a new career teaching piano. This forced me to pursue my own piano studies.

Upon graduation I was unable to find work in my chosen field and so moved back to Ontario. Shortly after I arrived I started working as a part-time music director at Pineland Baptist Church in Burlington, and have been in that position since July 1999. During the past two years I have also had several opportunities to present my testimony of God's strength and healing power.

I didn't plan to change denominations (I was raised in a Pentecostal church), but God clearly opened this door and I am grateful to be used in His service. I believe that He has used me creatively to the extent of getting people involved who lack musical experience.

During the last five years I have had six-month and annual checkups, and as of March 2001 not a trace of any cancer or other tumours has been found. Praise God! I didn't need chemotherapy treatments or suffer any side effects. I have had many opportunities to witness to technicians or other medical personnel about my surgeries or present condition. I remember specifically saying to one of the doctors before I went under the anaesthetic that many people where praying for him and in essence that God was watching over us in that operating room.

At the time of my first surgery I was 30 years old, which, according to the doctors and technicians, was much too young to have that kind of physical trouble. Why should I be exempt? Although I already knew it to be true, God used these experiences to teach me that He will always provide for all my needs.

Jill Wills grew up in St. Catharines, ON and attended Central Gospel Temple.

Originally published in Testimony, July/August 2001




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