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Bringing Madison Home

A fear—a premonition—prompted a grandmother to pray for her unborn grand daughter. When suddenly the baby experienced life-threatening illness, God was already there.

During the last month of my daughter's pregnancy with her second child, I began to experience an unexplainable sense of fear. It was quite odd because there was no obvious reason for concern. Everything seemed to be quite normal. My daughter was fine and healthy and the pregnancy was without complication. But as her due date drew nearer, the fear became greater. Not understanding my feelings, all I could really do was pray for the health and well being of both my daughter and her unborn child. On February 15, 2005, Madison was brought into the world. A beautiful, healthy baby girl weighing in at seven pounds, seven ounces. All was well.


Two weeks later, I was asked to baby-sit for a couple of hours while mom and dad went to the show. They brought the children over and off they went. This particular day, Madison had not taken in any fluids and she seemed quite cranky and restless. Two hours later the nightmare began. Madison was deathly ill. Turning blue, she was rushed to the health care centre in our small town. While waiting for a medical emergency team to arrive from the big city, our doctors worked to keep Madison alive. In normal weather conditions, a routine one-hour flight would have been made that would have brought the emergency team in. Not this time. The weather was bad. We were experiencing unusually dense fog and visibility was zero. Flying was not an option. They had to drive and it took five hours. The limitations of our small-town health centre posed a threat to an already desperate situation. They did not have an intravenous needle small enough for Madison's veins and she was dehydrating. After ripping several veins and hours of trying, our doctors finally had success. They had put the IV in her head. Finally, the medical emergency team arrived and immediately prepared Madison for transfer.

Madison was diagnosed with respiratory Synctial Virus (RSV). It was in her lungs and it was serious. She was so ill that she couldn't even cry. RSV can be a killer among new-borns. However, it was at the onset of this real-life nightmare that I had phoned every person I could think of that I knew would pray earnestly and seek God in faith for Madison's recovery. We just couldn't lose her.

Madison's first 48 hours in intensive care isolation seemed grim, but by the third day, things started to turn around. A couple of days after that, we brought Madison home. I did not know in that last month of my daughter's pregnancy what lay ahead, but God did. Prayer began before Madison was born. Intense prayer began within minutes of Madison being taken to our small-town health centre. The medical teams were great and God surely worked through them, but I know that prayer was the force that brought Madison home.

*Lorraine's last name has been changed. She lives in a small town in Saskatchewan, and wishes to remain anonymous. Diane Makarewicz is the editor of Off the Fence.

Originally published in Off the Fence, August/September 2005.

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