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"He Will Give His Angels Charge Over Thee … "

Angels sent by the Father intervene in our affairs. Let's praise God for their protection.

Helen slowly stood up to speak. Facing an audience was scary for her. As she looked around at the guests who had come to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, she noticed some rather startled expressions. Helen did not speak in public!

She looked with love at her children and grandchildren. Eleven little ones had been born to her, and even though it happened many years ago, she still remembered the pain of losing one little girl, when medical help was unavailable in their isolated bush camp.

Helen thought of the rough spots through their 50 years together, which had begun early because the Great Depression made most people's lives difficult. Her husband Dave supported the growing family by operating a garage in a small town.

She remembered moving to the farm in Landmark and felt a quiet pride at Dave's ingenuity when he established a puffed wheat plant there.

But Helen's career seemed to revolve around the kitchen, even more so than for most mothers. She remembered the many yeas she had cooked, not only for her family, but also for hordes of young men who worked in the intense cold, logging and cutting pulpwood at their bush camps. The outdoors made these fellows ravenous, so mountains of food must be prepared. And she served great meals, making sure they were well fed, even on occasion serving pie for breakfast!

Fortunately, she sometimes found time for a relaxing game of Scrabble after the dishes were taken care of in the evening. And, she recalled with a faint smile, she'd been rather good at it!

Then she began to speak:

"I know that women don't often share in public, and I don't feel comfortable doing so, but I want to tell of an experience I had early in our marriage. I have never spoken of it in public, but today I want to give glory to God for His wonderful protection."

It happened when they lived in the small town of Lorette, Manitoba, where Dave had his garage. This was in the days before hoists, so he had a pit dug into the floor of the garage, and shored it up with a concrete wall. When the mechanic needed to work on the underside of a vehicle, the car was positioned over the pit.

The mechanic then crawled into the hole and could stand up to do his work.

Helen was a busy mother with five youngsters to care for and was expecting another one soon.

It was time to stoke the stove and she hurried out to bring in an armload of firewood. The woodpile was near the mechanic's pit. As she pulled at the doorknob to open the door, it suddenly came off in her hand. She felt herself falling backwards, teetering on the edge of the pit. With the load of wood and her unborn child weighing her down, she was helpless to regain her balance.

Suddenly she felt a strong arm on her back, which gently drew her upright and steadied her on her feet. She felt a wonderful sense of warmth and protection flood through her and turned to thank her rescuer. But there was no one there!

"I know that was an angel sent by God," she concluded. "I realize I will go to meet Him one of these days, and wanted to be sure I had told you of His wonderful love." She did go to meet Him some years later, and may have had the chance to thank her rescuer personally.

We know angels are around us and probably intervene many times unbeknownst to us. But when we do sense His protection, we should praise our Heavenly Father whose love is so far beyond our understanding. It might be good for us occasionally to "shout aloud and sing for joy" (Isaiah 12:6) as we praise Him!

Originally published in The Messenger, January 25, 2006.




  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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