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The Sarnia Revival

Revival has visited a Sarnia, Ontario church since March, 2006. Reports on the church's website testify to the release of God's power through healing.

In January 2006 Tim Gibb, the lead pastor at Bethel Pentecostal Church in Sarnia, Ontario, attended "campmeeting" services in Florida at Rodney Howard-Browne's church. "I didn't really make myself known," said Gibb. "In one of the services he called me out and prayed for me. I don't think he necessarily knew who I was. I really felt a deposit in my spirit and a blessing from the Lord."

Something else unusual happened at the book table. "Within about fifteen minutes, I had three people come up to me. In total, they gave me over $400." The donors told Gibb the money was for buying materials to sow into the upcoming revival. These people had no idea who Gibb was, or where he was from.

A couple months later, Bethel Pentecostal Church held its annual 21-day fast ending on Easter Sunday. Pastor Tim marks the revival's beginning as three days into the fast. Evangelist Reva Kasey was guest speaker on Wednesday night, March 29th. The Kentucky resident said she had rearranged her schedule to be because God had spoken to her in the middle of the night. As soon as she announced her text in Exodus, a cloud of God's manifest presence appeared in the church service, and many saw it.

Since the revival began, there have been one or more salvations almost every night. Not a night has gone by without someone being healed or delivered. The church had been accustomed to Sunday morning attendance of 460, and an average Wednesday night attendance of only a dozen. Since the revival began attendance has never been less than 100. The highest figure so far is 500. More than 400 attended on Easter Sunday evening—a significant increase from a typical Sunday night gathering of 170.

As word of the revival spreads, people are arriving from all parts of Ontario, and Michigan. A pastor from Ohio heard of the outpouring and made the four-hour trip to experience this move of God.


Jaw healed

Rebecca from St. Clair High School had two wisdom teeth removed. There was complication during the surgery and the procedure lasted more than two hours. Two days after the surgery she couldn't open her mouth more than one centimeter. At lunch break, students gathered off school property to pray for healing. She attended, and as she received prayer, testified that she felt as though she couldn't stand up. She fell under the power of God and when she stood up, all the pain was gone and she could use her mouth fully.

Hearing restored


On June 9, 2006 Mr. Keith Watson, hearing instrument specialist with the Sears Hearing Centre, sent a letter to the church office on behalf of, and with the permission of his client Clara, who is a member of Bethel. Two weeks ago Clara, who needed a hearing aid to hear testified of being healed. This specialist's letter confirms her healing. The letter reads:

Today's results indicate … a significant improvement in Clara's hearing bilaterally. Our records indicate that Clara has had to wear a super power behind-the-ear hearing aid since 2003. This type of hearing aid would be considered too powerful for her now … she now has the option to use a custom fit in-the-ear style hearing aid if she so chooses.

When Pastor Greg, Bethel's outreach pastor, spoke with Clara, she said that the specialist was surprised at her dramatic improvement.

Mobility restored

Doctors told Denise that she only had eight months to live because of a tumor that had paralyzed her left side. She can now move her left arm, which she couldn't do before prayer, and is believing God for a complete healing.

Stronghold broken

At the beginning of June Candice, a 17-year-old girl had a broken hand. Some of the youth who were attending revival services went to her high school and were praying for healing for students at the school. Candice was healed through their prayers and went to church on a Thursday night to check it out. At church God convicted her of sin in her life and she dedicated her life to Christ.

The next day (Friday) at school a friend complained of pain in his ear, and she prayed for him. The power of God touched the young man and healed his ear.

On Saturday Candice joined an outreach team in Canatara Park to share her faith. That night as a result of the Word of God she had heard preached, she went home and filled two garbage bags with drug paraphernalia, alcohol, clothes, posters, and other things that she believed were strongholds in her life. She has completely turned her life around, has been set free from bondage and is stepping out in power and authority for the cause of Christ.

Break through


On May 27, 2006 Madeline came for prayer. Her mother who lives in Toronto has been trying to rent a building she owns. Madeline called her mom and said, "Mom if Tom Scarrella prays for you and the building is rented will you sow a seed into his ministry?" The mother agreed.

On Saturday night Madeline came for prayer asking that her mother's store would be rented out. That same night Tom spoke a prophetic word about Perez, which means "breakthrough." The next morning Madeline called her mom, and her mother reported that a gentleman had called and asked if he could rent the building. His name is Perez.

Concussion healed

Judy, a teacher at a local Christian school had severe hearing problems due to a concussion she had suffered. She had very acute hearing, making everything too loud. She received prayer for healing at a revival service, and all the pain left, but she still suffered some of the effects of the concussion. The kindergarten class at her school prayed for her in class and she was completely healed. No more effects from the concussion!

Digestion healed

Mark from Sarnia testified that his five-year-old son Levi had a digestive disorder. Among other things, Levi couldn't eat gluten, sugar, wheat and lactose. He had been on a very limited diet his whole life, and even the little he could eat caused him pain in his stomach. A youth who attends the revival services, but is a member of a Christian Reformed Church in Sarnia, prayed for Levi and he was healed. He now eats everything with little or no pain in the stomach.


A visitor to the revival services writes:

I want to praise God for what He is doing in my life. I am a minister's daughter and have been going to church all my life. I have taken my kids to church so they know what a great God we have. That being said, I can honestly say [that up until now] I have gone through the motions of church and Christianity but have never experienced the joy and the longing to have a real relationship with God.
I have been coming to [Bethel] since your first message on "hope," but I was still holding back. The further we got into the revival, the hungrier I got [for God], but I felt very, very unworthy. Pastor Tim kept saying what a shame it would be if anyone from Bethel would miss out on what [God] was doing … .
On Mothers Day I had such a strong feeling that I needed to go to the Sunday night service. [When I went], God touched me and for the first time ever I was "slain in the Spirit." What an awesome feeling! I came back for more on the Thursday night. God touched me again, and filled me with the Holy Spirit. For the first time in my life I can say I can't wait to get to heaven to meet my heavenly Father. I have such a hunger for more and more [of God]. Whatever God wants to give me, I want it. Now I walk around and drive my car under the influence of God and it is the best feeling ever. God has truly healed my soul and I praise Him for it.

Back healed

A medical doctor's wife couldn't bend down without back pain. In the revival service the power of God came on her, and she testified to feeling warmth in her back. In front of witnesses, without pain, she bent over numerous times. Her husband confirmed her condition and testified that she had indeed been healed.

For more information, contact Bethel Pentecostal Church, Sarnia, Ontario, (519) 542-7731.

Originally published on the website of Bethel Pentecostal Church, Sarnia, Ontario, June 2006.




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