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God Was at the Steering Wheel

When God sends, He defends. Here's a missionary's story of how God protected her as she carried out her assignments in service and obedience to Him.

My husband, George, and I started work in the northeast region of India, near the Bhutan border, after receiving a miraculous call from the Lord to this area in 2003. We have a school in a remote area called Totopara, among the Toto tribal people. The road to this area is too rough, and, in fact, there are really no roads at all. We drive up and down in an old Armada jeep and our jeep finds its own way. It goes over boulders, through rivers, and through thick forests where there are wild elephants and leopards. We have reached our destinations safely so far.

Grace (right, second row) and George Johnson and family.
Photo courtesy Christian Aid Mission(now Intercede International).

Often I, myself, have to journey to Totopara when my husband is busy elsewhere with the ministry. To drive away my fear, I just sing praises to my Lord as I travel through these forests. To tell the truth, I am not a confident driver, nor am I a strong person within myself. But when I am out in the ministry, the Lord strengthens me with His words from Isaiah 43:2, that nothing can harm me, even if I pass through the waters or fire, for the Lord is with me.

Once I was coming from Totopara just as it was getting dark, because I had started out late. I wanted to cross the forests before dark for fear of wild animals. As usual, I crossed seven rivers, the boulders and the forest, but it became quite dark by the time I reached the good road. Suddenly I realized that my Jeep's steering had lost contact with the wheels and was heading into the ditch on one side of the road. It was just then that I felt the touch of the Almighty's hand coming to rescue me. I don't know how, but I found myself parked quite safely on one side of the road. Shortly thereafter I found a mechanic, and asked for help. He was stunned for a few minutes to see the loose steering wheel, and stared at me, surprised to see me alive. He realized that a divine power had saved me.

When I got back home, I kept praising the Lord for saving my life. Now I am always reminded that when I am in ministry, it is the Lord's duty to take care of my life. I didn't go on a personal errand to Totopara. I was serving His Highness. If the worldly government takes care of soldiers that serve on the front, how much more will the heavenly government take care of His people who are in His battlefield? If He were to take my life early, it would be a loss for Him because He would lose a soldier from His army. Praise the Lord, this incident helped me to recommit my life in a deeper way than ever before.

Grace Johnson is a missionary with Himalaya Evangelical Mission, an indigenous outreach in India assisted by Christian Aid Mission, (now Intercede International).

Christian Aid Mission (now Intercede International) is located at 201 Stanton St., Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A 3N8. For more information, contact Alan Doerksen,

Originally published in a Christian Aid Mission (now Intercede International) newsletter, June 2006.




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