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Government Approves Tyndale's Proposed Education Degree Program
Tyndale is now petitioning for accreditation of the BEd program, and anticipates the launch of the first BEd cohort in January 2008.

After a lengthy process of assessment and due diligence, the Honourable Chris Bentley, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, has affirmed his intention to provide a letter of consent for Tyndale University College to deliver a 12-month Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree program. Earlier this year at a media event held at Tyndale University College & Seminary, David Zimmer, MPP-Willowdale joined President Brian C. Stiller to announce the Ministry's approval for Tyndale to apply for accreditation of its pending BEd program.

MPP David Zimmer (Willowdale) announces that Tyndale University College has received approval to apply for the BEd program.

"Tyndale University College is a symbol of academic excellence and a jewel in the Willowdale community," said MPP David Zimmer. "The approval for Tyndale to pursue the opening of its own teachers' college supports and respects the unique, quality education that Tyndale has provided in Toronto and Willowdale for over a century."

In the province of Ontario, responsibility for accrediting teacher education programs lies with the Ontario College of Teachers. Tyndale is now eligible to petition the college for accreditation of the BEd program. This process has already begun. It is possible that final approval to proceed may be given as early as September 2007, with an anticipated launch of the first BEd cohort to follow in January 2008.

"This is an important step in the 113-year history of Tyndale in providing outstanding value-based education to the Ontario community," said President Stiller. "Through the efforts and leadership of our MPP David Zimmer, we have been able to achieve this important milestone."

"The opportunity to deliver this degree will enable Tyndale to prepare teacher candidates in a Christian environment to participate in the public domain as fully qualified teachers. I am also pleased to announce that Tyndale will offer this program in partnership with four public school boards, each of which has agreed to welcome Tyndale's students into their schools so that they can complete their practicum (student teaching) requirement. This represents a remarkable opportunity for Christians to consider their faith and its implications for their future role as educators in the public sphere. We thank God for His favour as we move forward in this process," said Tyndale's provost, Earl Davey.

"I applaud the McGuinty government in awarding Tyndale this exciting opportunity to offer a BEd degree," noted Dr. Charles Price, Senior Minister of The Peoples Church in Willowdale. "As such, it will provide enormous service to our community."

The Rev. Dr. Samuel Chan, Senior Pastor, Richmond Hill Chinese Community Church echoed the same approval: "We are pleased that the government is supporting Tyndale in allowing this degree. Tyndale has for years been important to our church community and the BEd program will be of great value to our people."

More than 50 pastors and community leaders were on hand to celebrate this announcement.

Tyndale's philosophy of education

As a Christian institution, Tyndale is deeply committed to the mandate of God that we love our neighbour as God loves us. With this in mind, our BEd program will enable Tyndale graduates to address the needs of all students, including those most vulnerable and disadvantaged. We want graduates of Tyndale to be thoroughly prepared to work effectively with marginalized populations, students at risk and those with special learning needs. Graduates of Tyndale's BEd program will understand the need to cultivate a nurturing learning environment that values and respects the whole human person and that enables children to mature intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

What's unique about the Tyndale program?

1. The program has been developed to deliver learning experiences that will challenge teacher candidates and encourage the formation of a Christian worldview that interfaces with the complex reality of the public schools that teachers encounter. Tyndale's graduates will demonstrate a high level of commitment to students as learners and to issues of social justice that impact the learner's capacity to grow and thrive.
2. The Tyndale BEd program (Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate) is constituted as a 12-month program providing teacher candidates with over 100 days in the schools and classrooms. This model provides substantial opportunity for practice teaching; for modeling and mentoring by the classroom teacher; and for authentic engagement with school staff and participation in school-wide activities.
3. The utilization of case studies in the Concept Studies Strand allows for theoretical learning to occur in an applied context that is relevant to the teaching-learning environment in which the teacher candidate is located on a weekly basis. This design allows teacher candidates to bring real learning issues encountered in their practica and weekly field observation sessions into their discussions with each other and with faculty.
4. This program includes five scheduled colloquia conferences. These colloquia will encourage a high level of integration in the learning process, provide an enhanced measure of support to teacher candidates as they reflect on their experience in the schools, and create opportunity for teacher candidates to build networks of support within the teaching community and within the community of their peers.
Colloquia will be developed and conducted in partnership with the schools and with the professional community. This approach will provide for substantial input from the profession and its practitioners, as well as from students in the schools. We believe this model will contribute to a healthy integration of the academy and the professional community, which, in turn, will encourage a critical interchange on the part of all concerned.
5. The 12-month program provides opportunity for students to explore a broad range of subject matter in the Concept, Content and Context Strands that will enhance their capacity to function effectively in the classroom.

… Tyndale's graduates will receive a more extensive preparation than that provided at public universities.

In summary, graduates of the Tyndale program will receive the same accreditation by the Ontario College of Teachers as graduates of any other program in the Province. Moreover, given its structure over a 12-month period, Tyndale's graduates will receive a more extensive preparation than that provided at public universities. Without question, Tyndale's graduates will be highly sought after by public school boards and by private schools seeking fully qualified teachers.

Finally, this program will provide a superb preparation for men and women who desire to serve God by loving and serving others. By meeting the needs of children and by loving them as the Father has loved us, so shall we serve and honour the Creator. It is anticipated that the BEd program will commence in January 2008 pending accreditation by the Ontario College of Teachers, and final approval from the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities.

For further information on the pending Bachelor of Education program, contact Dr. Daniel Scott, Academic Dean of the University College at 416.226.6380 ext. 6740 or by email at

Originally published in Connection, Wiinter 2006/7.




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