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Christian Higher Education Archive - 2003


Wrestling with Ideas
These women integrate faith and scholarship and represent intellectuals who are breaking new ground in their field while encouraging and motivating their students.

Equipping Students for Their Futures
Practical Christian ministry assignments at Christian higher educational institutions provide students with real-life skills and experiences that relate faith to the world and impress future employers.

UBC Prolifers Subjected to Verbal Harassment
Seen as an anarchistic reaction to the exercise of free speech on campus, the verbal abuse from pro-abortion students epitomizes intolerance and hatred.

Some Things Money Can't Buy
Attending Bible college offers students these unique benefits which they may not experience at other types of Christian post-secondary schools.

Timeless Message for a Dying World
Christian schools provide God's people with the training they need to share His message of hope and impact the world for His kingdom.

Wired for Learning
Educational experiences available to learners are expanding thanks to innovative, online education.

Canadian Students Equipping the Congo
Their first step in converting a medical school's decrepit facility into a fully functioning science lab offers encouragement to a university half way around the world.

Put to the Test
Train your brain the same way marathon runners train their bodies in order to score well on graduate school admission tests.

What's So Great About a Christian University?
Craig Carter, vice-president and academic dean at Tyndale University College, shares his vision of Christian higher education and the importance of integrating Christian faith into daily life.

Pluralism, Freedom, and the Secular State
A call to preserve the freedom to enter into a discussion, declare our beliefs, and have these convictions stand as valid considerations.

Christian Higher Education: Where Will You Study?
Whatever you plan to do in life, you will benefit if you prepare yourself through a Christian university, college or seminary.

Christian Schools Help Students Interpret Culture
Polls indicate that Christians, on the whole, have little exposure to God's Word. Christian educational institutions come alongside the local church to help advance biblical literacy among members by helping students develop crucial skills for Christian service in a postmodern age.

Engaging Culture in a Broader Medium
A Bible college is distinct from other Christian educational institutions in several ways.

Life on Campus Today
An IVCF director describes life and ministry needs on secular university campuses.

Building Bridges
If we Gentiles have chosen to love and serve the God of the Jews, surely we can love and serve the people He has chosen.

Video Take-Off on Reality TV Helps First-Year Students Adjust
To help students deal with first-year experience, TWU's Cathy Chapplow invented "Real," - a reality video that eavesdropped on the lives of three students. Cathy knew the video was a success, but she didn't realize how deep Real's impact went.

What's a Bible College?
A Bible college is distinct from other Christian educational institutions in several ways.

What Does "Liberal Arts" Mean?
Are we "going liberal" if we study the liberal arts? The answer is "No."




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