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Christian Higher Education Archive - 2004


Life at School
How does the educational setting challenge or nurture faith? How do students and faculty meet that challenge? Four respondents share their perspectives.

Christian Schools Reach Out to Students in Caring and Faith
Four Christian post-secondary education institutions provide a variety of education, from liberal arts to seminary training.

Finishing Well
It's never too late to act on the call of God in your life. Going back to school to prepare can be just as rewarding at 59 as at 19.

What Does It Mean to Love God with the Mind?
We can love God with our minds in many ways, but most important, we honour Him when we open our minds to Him.

What's Going On In Three Hills?
Do you yearn to live a life of adventure, see the world and fulfill God's call to be a missionary at the same time? The aviation program at Prairie offers all three.

Philosophy Prof Makes Room for Harry Potter
Move over Aristotle! Harry Potter has made it to the top of the ivory tower to take his place among some of the greatest minds of antiquity.

Jesus is for Academics No Longer Available
A young Vancouver Island college is bringing a Christian university education to the people, rather than having people go bankrupt taking a few college courses on the mainland.

Stamps Scoring Leader Moves on to Higher Education
An impressive career behind him, this pro-football player has chosen to promote Christian education, biblical values and community commitment.

Art Prof's Brush-Strokes Make Their Mark on Catwoman
In a novel opportunity, a Trinity Western University professor's art work will be featured in the movie Catwoman filmed in Vancouver. She was selected as the movie's art consultant.

Pentecostal "Giant" Joins ACTS Seminaries
With this newest addition, the consortium's multi-denominational model for training church leaders better reflects the new reality of the Church in Canada.

When the "Learneds" Come to Town
During this recent weeklong cluster of conventions at the end of the academic year, a serious attempt was made to bridge the chasm between theologians and pastors.

You're in! Now what?
Congratulations on being accepted to university! Are you ready?

The Passion of The Christ—The Regent Response
In response to comments on the movie and its meaning to Christianity, seven faculty members at Regent University studied the topic and offer their insights.

TWU Student One-in-a-Million
Grateful for her academic experience, this student's family makes a one million dollar donation to the university department where she studied.

The Spirit of Saint Patrick: Freedom from Slavery and Forgiveness of Injustice
Learn how the life of this Christian exemplified the message of forgiveness, reconciliation and service—a message much in need today on this emerald isle.

Canadian Dixie Debuts Down South
These six student instrumentalists are a big hit as the first Canadian group to participate in the Christian Instrumentalists and Directors Association's 10th Annual Conference.

The Craft of Teaching Writing
By emphasizing these simple rules, this author has developed a program to teach writing effectively but unconventionally to potentially disinterested 18-year-olds.

Is Overload Erasing Your Margins?
Our hectic lifestyles and packed schedules leave little or no time for spiritual, mental and physical recovery. Here's how to begin to build that time into each day.




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