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Christian Higher Education Archive - 2005


Intrinsic Rewards
Volunteering is more than an economic equation. It's about giving, contributing, and helping other individuals and the community at large. And there are personal payoffs!

To Bible College? Why?
Should Christian students go to secular university directly after high school, or should they first find their theological "feet" in one to four years of Bible college?

Visionary University Leader to Complete Presidential Tenure
Trinity Western University's Board of Governors has begun a search for the university's third president.

New Innovations in Diabetes Risk-Assessment
Trinity Western University has prototyped an innovative computer program that helps health professionals identify the risk of developing Type Two diabetes.

Translating History
Trinity Western University and ACTS Seminaries are now Canada's hub for Septuagint studies.

Higher Education Amalgamation Under EFC
A foundation for common vision: Canada's Christian higher education institutions and organizations that serve them have partnered to form a new association.

Trinity Western President Steps Aside
Neil Snider lauded as a Canadian "pioneer" of Christian higher education.

Education as a Seedbed of Sound Social Change
An entrepreneur believes a Christian higher education is foundational to bringing a Christian mindset to work and public life.

Blast from the Past
Here's the "grand-daddy of all 'you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it' stories." Below a house in northern Washington is the 2000 square foot bomb shelter built by a Trinity Western University professor.

Degrees of Separation
Has the Christian community created a class structure based on vocation? Loranne Brown, author and instructor of journalism, challenges the notion.

Graduate Continues Legacy of Saving Infants
An ancient and deadly tribal custom is overcome by love.

Joys, Struggles and Questions of a Mature Student
Going to seminary can be challenging for a mature student, but the joy of knowing it fulfills one's call to ministry makes it worthwhile.

The Real Cost of Education
According to a recent study, more than half of Christian students attending secular universities experience a decline in their religious beliefs during their education.

University Is Worth the Wait
What impact would it have on prospective students if it were mandatory for them to put in a year of ordinary work in the "real" world as a university entrance requirement?

Canadian Academic Releases Major Merton Anthology
Thomas Merton is to the 20th century what St. Augustine was to the past, according to a Trinity Western professor who published an anthology of Merton's poetry.

Preparing Students for Life and Ministry
Looking for an overview of Christian education institutions? Here is a listing of 14 of them!

Affordable Education: Fact or Fiction?
University is not just a right of passage, but an investment that will produce a return.

The Innkeeper
On a mission—an anthropology professor is buying up hotels in Vancouver's most disreputable neighborhood.

Dr. Larry Herr Receives Top Archaeology Award
A Canadian Seventh Day Adventist scholar has received archaeology's most prestigious award for studies in the cultures of the Near East.

College Refocusing on Character-Developing Education
School takes a novel approach to learning: equipping students for ministry rather than imparting knowledge-based education, as do most Christian colleges.

Bursting the Bubble: Life after Bible College
Many struggle to readjust to life in a world where they are not surrounded by other Christians as they go about their daily tasks.

Children's Lit for Big Kids
The lack of positive imaginative thinking in our culture has created a cultural void. Children's literature can shape the moral imagination of adults and children alike.

Big Seat to Fill
A Trinity Western professor has received $1.4 million for the Canada Research Chair to study the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Day of Rejoicing
Free! No more of those daily irritations that accompany raising kids! His son was off to Bible college and he was free—until …




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