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Christian Higher Education Archive - 2006


Stiller: Understanding the Times Paramount
Evangelicals are short on their ability to influence public policy issues because they "haven't taken scholarship that seriously" in the past, but Brian Stiller hopes to influence change.

A Feast Called Worship
An interview with author, theologian, educator and passionate worshipper Marva Dawn. She will be the keynote speaker at the CMU's Refreshing Winds January 2007 conference.

Students Pose Tough Questions to Conservative MP
"Where's the exit here? These are tough questions." That's what a Conservative MP said mid-way through a student forum where students could ask whatever they wanted.

Worship Studies and Spiritual Formation Meld in New University Program
Worship leader, songwriter and artist Dan Wilt is passionate about infusing today's worship practice with the riches of the ancient Church.

The Best of Both Worlds at TWU
For the first time since the 15th century Protestant Reformation Catholic and Protestant institutions of higher learning are working together in an academic setting.

The Purpose and Power of Christian Education
The transforming potential of Christian education is enormous. In developing countries Christian education is effective and important in bringing the Gospel to children.

Legal Counsel Leaving EFC
Janet Epp Buckingham will now direct Trinity Western University's Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa.

What to Consider When Choosing a College or University
Besides academic programs and their cost, many other considerations should influence your choice of college and university.

Christian University Professor Honoured
Dr. Charles Nienkirchen has received an Award of Distinction from Alberta Advanced Education for delivering courses with a strong international focus.

Changing of the Guard at Ottawa's Prestigious Laurentian Leadership Centre
Dr. Janet Epp Buckingham, who has been 17 years with the EFC, has accepted a prestigious appointment with Trinity Western University in Ottawa.

Seeing Poverty First-Hand a Life-Changing Experience
"I can't just live in a bubble anymore" says Canadian Mennonite University's Outtatown program graduate.

Looking for the Best and the Brightest
"I want people to be effective in ministry; not just educated," says Bruce Fawcett.

Prairie Educator Embraces Wide Vision
Tyndale's new Chair of Leadership, Paul Magnus, is developing leaders for the marketplace.

Tyndale Expands Its Territory
Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto is looking at expansion and has purchased a former Catholic convent for $40 million.

Seven Lousy Reasons to Go to Bible College
And how an imperfect motive might still lead to a good thing.

An Amazing and Remarkable Journey
Surviving a head-on collision changed Jonathan Tiessen's life and career goals.

Former Refugee's Life a Collection of Puzzle Pieces
His life in danger, he fled Zaire to establish himself in Canada. Willy Mushagalusa is glad that God is putting the puzzle pieces together.

Following Ancient Paths Nets Award
A Nazarene University College professor is the recipient of a prestigious Alberta Advanced Education award for his innovative study-abroad program.

Tyndale Invests in Future
Tyndale's $40 million land purchase is the largest acquisition in Canadian Evangelical history.

Off the Beaten Track
Options abound for Canadians to learn, serve, travel and teach.

The House that Ruth Built
Canadian Mennonite University's international studies professor wants to live what she teaches.

What is a Christian Liberal Arts Institution?
For some in the Christian community "Christian liberal arts" is an oxymoron and a contradiction in terms. What does "liberal arts" really mean?

Audiences Rediscovering Rosebud
Have you discovered Rosebud Theatre yet? The Christ-centred theatre arts school in Rosebud, Alberta, is expecting this season to be a box-office blockbuster.

Trinity Western University Welcomes Next President
"The president of the university should be the servant of everyone," says Jonathan Raymond.

Educated Opinions
Six university profs offer their expertise in a simple how-to guide for everyday life on health care, exercise, gardening, mentoring, reducing financial stress, and investing in art.

TWU's Trump Card
Trinity Western University offers a program unmatched in Canada. It features multi-dimensional learning, mentorship, community, and hands-on professional practice.

Embracing Culture in the Classroom
Redeemer University College students are developing methods and materials for schools in Sierra Leone.

Undergrads Can Choose Theatre, Worship and More
Christian postsecondary schools are offering new and exciting programs beginning this year.

Trinity Western "Overdue" for Change
"We have to do a little bit of growing up as an institution," says faculty rep Rick Sutcliffe

Scent Allergy: An Invisible Disability
Not much is known about the acquired chemical sensitivity known as scent allergy, but it can be serious. Canadian Mennonite University is striving to becoming scent free.

Clearing Space, Paying Attention, Being Connected
Being so busy with life and church activities, how can we create space in our daily life for God?

Pursuing Coherence and Conviction in Christian University Education
Drawing things together into a coherent framework of faith is the unique gift that a Christian university like CMU can offer students.

Miracle on 103 St.
Instead of doing the "logical" thing and taking out a mortgage for renovations on their newly purchased building, the board of Vanguard College chose to trust God for finances.

How Christian Schools Are Meeting Current Challenges
It is hard to attract and satisfy the spiritual and vocational training needs of students in a cost-effective manner. Schools address these realities in different ways.

Campus Ministry Cambridge Style
From Britain to Canada, and then to the U.S.A. A look at the 19th century roots of InterVarsity and other Evangelical college clubs.

Why Should I Consider a Christian College or University?
Find out what a post-secondary education at a Christian institution can offer you.




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