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Mainstream Schools Archive - 2004


It's Okay to Pray at City School
A group of caring moms bring faith, love and support to a city school.

Taking Sex Education Too Far
Too much information! New Brunswick parents have a legitimate concern about the Human Growth and Development curriculum introduced into their schools.

Muslim Parents Urged to Keep Kids in Pro-Gay Classes
Contrary to their wishes, parents are told their kids should stay in "anti-homophobia" classes.

Lessons of the School Year
The impact of schooling extends beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. The deeper lessons shape who we are and remain with us for life.

School Days
Laced with nostalgic reminiscence, this is a tribute to education of all types—that wonderful, life-long process of enlightenment that enriches our lives.

Back to School—A Teen's Viewpoint
Attending a secular school is a test of faith. You have to be prepared to defend what you believe.

School Shuts Down Christian Group
Calling it a violation of their freedoms, these Hamilton, ON students seek the restoration of their rights to the level enjoyed by students of other faiths at their school.

School Board Considers Religion Classes
Because parents expect classes on the basic beliefs of various faiths, the Calgary Board of Education is to introduce world religion courses into its school system.

Restorative Justice Resolves Conflicts in Alberta
By encouraging dialogue between the people involved, Calgary Community Conferencing is cutting crime and lowering incidents of violent conflict in area schools.

Decisions Weaken Religious Expression
Two recent decisions demonstrate there is good reason to be concerned about freedom of expression in Canada, particularly on the issue of homosexuality.

Supreme Court Says Parents Can Spank—Within Limits
The justices ruled that making criminals out of parents and teachers who exert reasonable force to correct unruly behaviour would not serve the best interests of children.




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