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Mainstream Schools Archive - 2005


New Rhodes Scholar Motivated by Faith, Compassion
A fourth-year economics student at the University of British Columbia, whose life demonstrates God's love, was recently awarded the Rhodes Scholarship for BC.

My Daybreak
Called of God to teach a class of kids with special needs, this teacher finds the deepest fulfillment and joy in sharing God's love with his students.

Learning to Know the Faithfulness of God
Walking with God through medical school can be a journey of the heart into deeper faith.

Kennedy Tackles Make-or-break Year
Ontario's education minister is determined to get the system working for the benefit of all.

Back to School—With Doubts About Jesus
Christian students arriving at Christian universities are doubting their faith. It is a testimony to the pervasive influence of culture on the Church.

Revised Sex Education Curriculum Still Troubles Parents
New Brunswick's changes to the sex education curriculum are not enough. Parents are urged to scrutinize closely what is being taught and speak up.

Schools Should Teach about Broad Spectrum of Religion
Attempts by some parents, educators and organizations to eradicate every scintilla of religion or faith-based value systems from our schools is unreasonable—even anti-educational.

Gays Want "Queer Issues" in Schools
A complaint aimed at forcing British Columbia's public schools to teach compulsory lessons on "queer issues" comes before the Human Rights Tribunal, July 11, 2005.

A Father's Day I'd Like to See
Boys are subtly persuaded to believe that their natural instincts are linked to violence rather than to honour, valour and loyalty. Can we be surprised then, that males in our country are floundering?

University Is Worth the Wait
What impact would it have on prospective students if it were mandatory for them to put in a year of ordinary work in the "real" world as a university entrance requirement?

Definitions Make for Self Discovery
Wonder what a homophobe is? According to a Toronto school board, homophobia is, "the fear of having intimate relationships with persons of the same sex." A Toronto mother and writer responds.

Meet Jesus, My Friend
God is of interest to Canadian high school students. They are hearing the Gospel, but in ways so new, we would hardly recognize them as evangelism.

Into the Heart of Darkness
Living one's faith on campus can be tough. It's a struggle to enter into dialogue with minds staunchly opposed to a Christian perspective on issues as controversial as abortion.

Fidelity with Partner the Only Real Safe Sex
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and the brave, new schools! After more than ten years of explicit, condom-focused sex education in the public and separate schools, STIs are rising.

Why I Back the School Board Plan
Race-based statistics do not stigmatize minorities more than they are already labelled by segments of the larger society. Those who engage in this racist practice do not need any statistics to back them.

Ontario Elementary Teachers Union Supports Same-Sex Marriage Law
In a press release union chiefs have endorsed the dismantling of marriage, much to the chagrin of many elementary school teachers and education workers.

Academic Freedom Is Under Attack
Canadian university students in the arts and social sciences are being recruited to the hyper-orthodoxies of multiculturalism, feminism, Marxism, postmodernism and bio-politics.

Promoting Homosexuality in Schools is Wrong
When an assumption of discrimination is deemed the equivalent of discrimination, our society is heading down a dangerous path.




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