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Mainstream Schools Archive - 2006


Carelton University May Face Lawsuit Over Restricting Pro-Life Group
Carleton University Students Association could face a court injunction over its controversial policy to deny funding to campus groups opposed to abortion.

Keeping Christ on Campus
A post-secondary education on a secular campus doesn't have to destroy or even dim your faith in Christ.

What to Consider When Choosing a College or University
Besides academic programs and their cost, many other considerations should influence your choice of college and university.

Evangelical Schools Fight Quebec Curriculum Rules
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada says there must be a balance between provincial standards for private schools and the religious rights of parents and students.

Confessions of a Doubting Thomas
Like a double-edged sword, higher education both crumbled and rebuilt his faith.

Protests Escalate Over New Pro-Gay Program in Public Schools
Parents' rights to withdraw their children from individual required courses and take the courses though some other delivery system, such as homeschooling, are restricted.

BCTF Raises Objections to Christian Online Courses
The B.C. Teachers Federation has publicly expressed concerns about a Christian school that is offering online courses taught from a Christian perspective.

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Wants Apology from Rights Commission
Manitoba's human rights commission claimed that public schools that embrace Christian principles are fostering "a poisoned environment."

Parents Concerned Over New Resource Book for Teens
Soon Manitoba school divisions will be able to decide whether students between grades nine and 12 will be given a copy of The Little Black Book.

Christian Mission Statement at Winkler Public Schools Questioned
The Manitoba Human Rights Commission has asked a public school division in Winkler, Manitoba, to change its Christian-themed mission statement.

Differing Agendas
When the agenda of the homosexual lobby doesn't match that of the religious groups in Canada, whose agenda takes precedence in the schools?

Mom Shocked by School's Net Filter
No parent with school-aged children can take for granted the assurances of school officials that their classroom computers have adequate Internet filters.

Students to Study Homosexual Role Models
In an unprecedented agreement, the B.C. Education Ministry has given two gay activists a central role in changing public school curriculum from grades K to 12.

Gay Course Will be Optional, Says BC Gov't Rep
According to the communications director for the Ministry of the Attorney General, "The course, as yet to be developed, will be elective. No young person has to take it."

Serving Faithfully in Public Schools
Some Christians are finding creative ways to share their values in the classroom.

BC Government Agrees to Add Homosexuality into School Curriculum
British Columbia has decided to include more gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered issues in the school curriculum and to make it difficult for students to opt out.

Schools and Religion Do Mix
Does secularism preclude a school from offering parents the option of allowing their children to receive a free Gideon Bible?

School Board Will Not Change Bible Distribution Policy
A mother of a grade one pupil objected that the "neutral" secular position at his school could be threatened by the offer of a free Bible to any student who wanted one.

Sikh Dagger Ruling Welcomed by Religious Groups
"Religious tolerance is a very important value of Canadian society," says Justice Louise Charron concerning the Supreme Court decision to allow ceremonial daggers in schools.

Tory's Tories Would Back Faith-Based Schools
Ontario Conservative leader John Tory says his party will end religious discrimination and fund faith-based schools in addition to Roman Catholic schools.

Parents Must Trust God in Education Choices for Children visitors involved with both Christian and mainstream school education respond to the letter to the editor titled, "Mainstream Schools: "Where Are the Christians?"

Mainstream Schools Asking, "Where Are the Christians?"
"We (Christians) have been hoodwinked and have even bought into a lie of the enemy." Disengaging from the secular education system could in fact be very wrong.

Public Schools Called Increasingly Hostile to Christians
A radical shift is taking place in public education around "tolerance" policies. Christians are often targeted for discrimination in schools.




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