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Holding On To What is Precious
Now is the time to impact our children's lives. Hectic, over-packed schedules, materialism, and entertainment rob our society of the meaningful relationships God intended us to have.

As war rages on between powerful world forces, a different yet equally devastating battle is being played out in our own back yards. The enemy is in the business of dividing and destroying. He stirs up conflict between nations, splits churches, and divides families. As Christians, we must stand guard against his attack.

Michele, husband Ted, and sons Asher and Tymon.
Michele, husband Ted, and sons Asher and Tymon.

I've become increasingly aware of the enemy's devices in my own life, and to confirm the struggle I've been engaged in, our pastor shared a message about the very same subject. To further convict me, my mom lent me Joyce Meyer's, The Battle Belongs to the Lord, which I'm anxious to dive into.

I understand how easily families become divided. If we weren't home schooling our boys, I don't know when I'd see them, let alone make valuable deposits into their lives. Even at the tender ages of 12 and 13, Tymon and Asher have a social life that puts mine to shame! I get tired of trying to keep up with everything they're planning. Our house has a revolving door! On weekends we largely ignore each other; from the time they spring out of bed till their heads hit the pillow at night, they're in the company of their friends and being entertained by various electronic devices. I enjoy having them fend for themselves on the weekends so that I can delve into my own pursuits, or at least take off my "teacher's hat" and just be Mom. If that were our typical pattern instead of just a weekly break from routine, we would lose touch with one another very quickly.

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I enjoy my personal time immensely, yet also look forward to having the boys back to myself once Monday rolls around. When I don't have to compete with their friends and gaming devices, we enjoy each other's company, sharing conversations and activities. Lately, days have rushed by, but we've still had precious hours on a consistent basis to interact.

The years also fly by; around the corner are driver's licenses, jobs, and girlfriends. Now is the time to impact our children's lives. The enemy is doing everything possible to shorten that span. Hectic, over-packed schedules, materialism, and addiction to entertainment rob our society of the meaningful relationships God intended us to have. I've come to rely on computers and enjoy watching movies, but sometimes I long to slow down the pace, escaping to a quiet wilderness cabin alone with my family.

I'm glad to be home schooling if for no other reason than staying in touch with our ever growing, constantly changing children. When I look back, I'll be pleased to have invested time, energy, and effort getting to know our boys and letting them get to know me. People on their deathbed don't usually fret about not having made enough money in their lifetime. Instead, they regret not spending enough time with loved ones. Home schooling is a precious gift, valuable beyond measure and definitely worth the cost!

Michele Hastings writes on home schooling topics. Her husband Ted is an educational assistant in a structured learning classroom in a public elementary school." The Homeschooling Trail … A Journey of Faith is available at their website: Michele Hastings can be reached at, or (306) 543-6413. Mailing address: 7101 Bowman Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan S4T 6K9.

Originally published in The Homeschooling Trail: A Journey of Faith.




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