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Summit Pacific College
Laying a foundation

Whether it is the certificate program, Omega Challenge or a bachelor's degree, an education at Summit will lay a firm foundation for your life. Our instructors are committed to Christ-centred education that implements the practical application of what is learned in class. As well, each student participates in a weekly student ministry. Dormitory living provides a setting in which to develop deep and lasting friendships with peers. Instructors take a personal interest in the lives of students and are available outside of class to talk about serious matters or just to chat over a cup of coffee.

Summit offers a Bachelor of Arts in Religion degree, with majors in pastoral theology, youth leadership, counseling, church ministries, church music, intercultural studies and biblical theology. Students who take the Bible concentration at Summit may transfer this to Trinity Western University to earn a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies with a major in English, history, psychology, sociology or TESL/Linguistics.

Summit also offers Omega Challenge, a one-year discipleship program with four tracks. Omega Global has an emphasis on cross-cultural ministry experience. Omega Urban has an emphasis on urban ministry experience. Omega Leadership has an emphasis on developing leadership skills. Omega MetroKids has an emphasis on children and youth in an urban setting. See our web site for more information.

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  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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