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Regent College
An empowering community

Why come to Regent College?

Students and graduates give a variety of answers: to learn what it is to "think Christianly" about vocation, relationships, activities; to grow in the Christian faith within a community where intellectual, emotional, relational and spiritual formation are nurtured; to experience a transformation of perspective, values, direction and lifestyle; and to be equipped for ministry within a church or parachurch setting.

Regent College is an empowering community of Christians committed to equipping people to live and work as mature followers of Christ in the vocations to which God has called them. Students representing a wide variety of nationalities, denominations, vocations and stages of life, come to Regent to explore God's call on their lives within a challenging and supportive community.

God has blessed Regent with an exceptional faculty. Over the past 30 years, well-known evangelical scholars have established Regent as an international graduate school, providing theological and interdisciplinary education for the whole people of God, as they are called to claim the whole of human life for Jesus Christ. Along with some 30 to 35 visiting faculty each summer, these individuals model the integration of heart and mind that makes for a dynamic and winsome Christian witness.
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  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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