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Canadian Christian Radio Expands
New programs inform, encourage, and evangelize.

Christian talk radio expands this month with two new current affairs programs: one from The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and another from the Equipping Christians for the Public Square Centre (ECP). Also, a community-based Christian radio station—owned and operated by United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) Canada—is beginning to broadcast in Chatham, Ontario as of April 2007.

The EFC hopes it will eventually air in markets across the nation.

"Canada Watch"—a four-and-a-half-minute program hosted by the EFC's president Bruce Clemenger—will cover current issues along with church and faith trends in Canada.

"Part of our mandate and intent is to inform and educate Evangelicals in the broader community," says Clemenger. "And to give a biblical understanding of issues of concern. So we thought this (radio program) would be an easy way to communicate with people across Canada, and to get people to think about how they can get involved."

The show invites discussion on religious freedom, homelessness, divorce and expert opinion. The program is produced in Ottawa and began airing first on Christian radio station CHRI. The EFC hopes it will eventually air in markets across the nation. "Canada Watch" will also be available for downloading in podcast format on the EFC's website.

Another program called "No Apologies," aired in March 2007 and is produced by the ECP (Equipping Christians for the Public Square) Centre. The show features a half hour of "news you probably didn't hear anywhere else," along with discussions and commentaries by ECP Centre president Tristan Emmanuel.

According to the ECP Centre's website, one of the organization's aims is "to create media that rivals the best—the kind of media that attracts attention, raises awareness and provokes debate."

The purpose of the program—instead of evangelism—is to "advance consistent social conservative thoughts and values through the medium of talk-radio."

Currently, the show is only available by internet. The EP Centre is selling one-year subscriptions for the program for $71.88 (see

At the same time, a wide-appeal community station in Chatham—the second Canadian station for UCB begins this April.

"We work with people who invite us to come and get involved, rather than thrusting ourselves on a community," says UCB Canada CEO, James Hunt, who adds the idea for the station was conceived in the minds of a group of local Chatham residents who approached UCB for help in launching the endeavour.

UCB is an international body that links affiliated Christian broadcasting organizations and ministries throughout the world. The first … station, operating at 102.3 FM from Belleville, Ontario, presents Christian music and teaching programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Managers of the Chatham station will also broadcast a mixed format to appeal to a wide range of ages. "We try to cover as many different groups in the population as we can," says Hunt.

As part of its outreach and evangelism efforts, the station will offer listeners the opportunity to receive the daily devotional The Word for Today. The devotional, printed in 14 languages and four million copies quarterly, is published and distributed exclusively by UCB International.

UCB Canada ( plans to broadcast a test signal on the new station's frequency—at 89.3 FM—throughout April and air shortly thereafter.

Patricia Paddey is a writer based in Toronto.

Originally published in Christian Week, April 13, 2007.




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