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Climate Change is Not Caused by Humans
Readers say that climate change is happening, and Christians should be stewardly with the environment, but disagree that climate change originates from human activity.

A recent poll on asked the question, "Do you think global warming is the result of human activity?" Forty-four percent responded "yes," and 56 percent said "no." Evidently, the topic of climate change is important to Canadian Christians.
A discussion on climate change opened on in March 2006 as a result of a news story that some Evangelical leaders in the U.S. were warning Christians not to be involved with "excesses" in the climate change debate. Supporters of the point of view that climate change is caused by human activity responded asking if could carry an article representing their position. We then posted an article by Bruce Buttler, chair of the division of science at Canadian University College. This article generated responses from readers who chose to disagree. To represent their position, here are their comments.
We have a part to play

I just voted on the poll (Do you think global warming is the result of human activity?) and noticed that we're evenly split. Although I said no, I want to qualify my answer. In the big picture, I believe humans have only a very, very small part to play in global warming, but we do have a part. God is in control and I believe the warming trend is cyclical. However, I do believe that we humans have our part to play in trying to keep our planet as green as possible by recycling and re-using wherever practical. We do have a duty to our neighbour.

Climate change: a theory

Regarding Bruce Buttler's article on climate change, please understand that there is no scientific proof on record that can decisively prove that we as human beings on this planet are causing climate change.

As much as I respect Bruce for presenting the point of view that climate change is caused by humans, his article seems to be based on theory rather than facts. But people speculate and come up with many theories. I believe the day has come to identify this point of view on climate change as a "theory." Just as with the evolutionary theory, our children need to benefit from hearing both points of view, and the facts associated with each, so they can avoid the effect of being "indoctrinated."

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I am not denying climate change is happening. All scientists know that it has been happening for thousands of years. There is no doubt that this is a fact. I disagree with the belief that human factors are the cause. The belief that we can change climate is an impossibility in the opinion of many scientists, and therefore in my view as well. This belief borders on secular-humanistic thinking that humans can change all things, and even that man himself is a god and has the where-with-all in his power to make it happen.

Both truth and science are based on facts. Any decision we make therefore should be based on facts. I recommend a video that presents facts on why climate change is not the result of human activity: great global warming swindle.

I also want to make it clear that I believe we need not pollute the way people have been polluting especially in China and India—countries which, by the way, are exempt from the Kyoto Accord in which everyone is wanting to participate. These countries are the greatest polluters in the world.

Regarding the climate change article, I felt it lacked scientific facts that might demonstrate the relationship between climate change and human cause. It seemed to me it presented people's perceptions. Even the 2,500 scientists who attended the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) Worldwide Climate Change Summit did not present facts. Their discussion sounded like "multiple choice." They said that it is "likely," "very likely," or "virtually certain" that humans are the cause of climate change. This certainly is not science based on facts.

On the other hand more than 17,000 scientists have signed a petition (Go to: for the complete petition and names of the signers) stating that there is no concrete scientific proof regarding human causes of climate change. Two of these scientists are Nobel prize winners. They deny categorically that science can prove that humans are the cause. Why are we not hearing about these scientists and their facts?

Please watch the video, and decide for yourself.

Human CO2 emissions are comparatively small

I've read Dr. Buttler's article "Christians and Climate Change: Should We Care" in the March 30, 2007 online Virtual House News.

I'm Christian, and I do care, very much about my family, community, country and the world, but I do not believe human-causes are significant drivers of climate change. The best thing I can do for these people I love, is to speak out against the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) political/management report on climate change and articles supporting that point of view.

I sympathize with Dr. Buttler that his favourite glacier is shrinking, but there is no doubt that climate cycles exist, and if we don't like the current weather, we can stick around till it'll change again. Many experts (scientists) are speaking out against the excesses of politically correct climate change theories, and a number of them are renowned Canadians. In my reading of the information, man's CO2 equivalent emissions are "pip-squeak"—like Nimrod shooting an arrow into the sky—when compared to the effects of radiation from God's sun.

For those who would like to sample the objections of experts to the IPCC position, I recommend the website For those who support the IPCC story after seeing Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," I'd recommend viewing a video produced in the United Kingdom by Channel 4 titled, "The Great Global Warming Swindle." It is in the "News" section of this site.

Let's focus on Christ

I read Bruce Buttler's article on climate change. While I disagree with some of his points, I mostly disagree with the whole way climate change is being promoted in the media—almost with religious fervour. Even media celebrities have it on their agenda. Those of us not in support of it feel like we are being negatively branded.

The climate has always been changing from a global flood to an ice age, but now we're hearing that in order to save the world, the earth's population has to be cut back to a sustainable two billion. It's a horrible question, but who will be sacrificed? These are serious issues.

I think as Christians, the best thing we can do is stick to our mandate from Christ to encourage fellow believers and reach the lost. We must rise above partisan politics and divisive issues that the enemy is using against the Body of Christ to divide and conquer. Let's ask how we can reach the Left, or the Right, or the scientist, or the media, and even celebrities. And most of all, let's follow Jesus in His success of reaching the lowly, broken, poor and imprisoned. They are likely in no position to care about climate change discussions but rather need to hear that life is worth living.

Keep up the good work!




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