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Mainstream Schools Asking, "Where Are the Christians?"
Disengaging from the secular education system could be wrong, says the author.

This letter is a response to the article, Public Schools Called Increasingly Hostile to Christians.

I just read the article on Mainstream schools being hostile to Christianity. That is how it may appear because of the prevailing politically correct policies that many secular administrators feel they must adhere to. But, you may be encouraged to know that in our ministry we are experiencing the favour of God as we serve our local high schools.

It has been my experience. … that many Christians have gone right by the public school system and have left it to die. That's exactly the opposite of what Jesus advised us to do in the account of the good Samaritan. We're to have eyes to see the need; we're to stop and get involved; we're to pour in healing, and then we're to count the cost of continued commitment.

What seems so right—protecting ourselves by disengaging from the secular education system—could in fact be so very wrong. Instead of helping, serving and imparting who we are to the system, we leave ourselves open to be seen as judgemental, self-righteous and condemning. Not the example Jesus, the friend of sinners, modeled!

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It still works to do as Jesus called us to do—that is, to humble ourselves and "wash the feet" of servants in our schools instead of scolding them for being grubby. We gain favour as we work together with teachers who do not yet know Christ, meeting needs that are often so overwhelming. Not only high schools, but communities and nations can be hugely impacted.

The fun thing is, it's happening!

I am a sponsor of Youth Church. As we intentionally serve our local secular high schools, regularly we hear teachers say, "Where did all of you disappear to?" When they find out we are Christians being salt and light they don't dismiss us, or ask us to leave. They often refer us to other schools.

I believe we (Christians) have been hoodwinked and have even bought into a lie of the enemy. As a result we have retreated from the battle. We have bunkered down and started Christian schools and homeschools. The best Christian kids are growing up in Christian homes basically quivering in fear and withdrawing from the front lines.

These kids go to church and sing about how great God is, but live with the reality of their God is not assumed to be powerful enough to keep them from succumbing to the "Giant" of secular education. And we wonder why they often leave the church disillusioned!

Fortunately, an army of deep resolve is arising. Like David, who at 17 years of age recognized the mockery of the Giant, so this arising generation will run to the battle. Not only will they not fall, they will impact the schools with the power of God. Spiritual leaders are arising who know God and will make pre-emptive strikes. Armed and dangerous, these believers will be a threat to the strongholds of Satan.

We are not a threat to Satan when we threaten to leave public institutions. Satan laughs and says, Good! Go hide in your comfortable, secure greenhouses! And millions of students are left with no Christian influence, and our society crumbles.

When are we going to wake up to what is happening and empower our young people to be the Church now? Young people want a relationship with their Creator that takes them beyond themselves to a cause they can die for. They fully accept the love of a God who died for them, and with a single-hearted passion will go wherever He calls.

Nothing is too difficult for God! And, greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world! These are Scriptural truths young people want to see lived out. It is very exciting!




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