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AdamCharmaine Savoie

Contact Information:
22 Woodlawn Road
Dorchester, NB E4K 3A8

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Ever since I can remember I can honestly say that music is the field of art that I have been most comfortable with. But both my parents also thought they saw a more visual creativity in me and encouraged me to "dabble" in drawing and even paid for me to attend an art school during my 11th grade.

While I was not very successful at the attempt, I was introduced to watercolours as a medium of art. Until that year, I did not even know watercolours existed. Unfortunately, I did not finish my year there, and after leaving the school I put watercolours aside for 13 years. Then in 1985, I was encouraged to take it up again by one of my closest friends at Bible college. This friend, herself an accomplished watercolour artist, bought me paper and brushes and paint and encouraged me to start at anything.

For the next six years, I continued to "dabble" occasionally. After I returned home from the States in 1991, I was encouraged by family and friends to continue painting. Some of the results of their encouragements are shown on this site.

I am inspired to paint simple scenes about life. A few of my paintings have been inspired by dreams or visions but that is even more new to me. I love to paint about life and to express a hope and comfort in my paintings. It is my hope that these merits come through in my watercolours.

More than any one thing in my life, my adoption into the Family of God has greatly affected all aspects of my creative being. Therefore, I pray the Lord will use whatever He can salvage from my art to speak life to those who look at my paintings.

Blessings to all …

Charmaine Savoie


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Winter At Woodlands Wind of the Spirit
Winter At Woodlands Wind of the Spirit
Iris in the Field Hope in the Midst of a Storm
Iris in the Field Hope in the Midst of a Storm




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