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Stephanie Reddicopp

In her album Secret, this vocalist from the west coast shares her heart and passion for God through worship.

The greatest love song that never got the notice it deserved in 2005 was Stephanie Reddicopp's, "Isn't It Like Heaven," from her debut album Secret released at the midpoint last year. Perhaps part of the blame for the lack of recognition is from the malaise that the Canadian public and media have towards acknowledging the talents of their own artists. This gifted blonde-haired pixie from Abbotsford, British Columbia, on Canada's west coast wrote "Isn't It Like Heaven" for her husband Dean, and sang it to him when they were married two years ago. How much more romantic can that get? On the CD Christian Stonehouse guests as a vocalist for the song.

Stephanie Reddicopp
Stephanie Reddicopp

The album highlights Reddicopp's R&B tinged vocals. She sways to the AC side with "I Believe," a powerful song of faith that is beautifully accompanied by Nathan Bosch on the grand piano.

The talented vocalist surrounded herself with a cast of old friends to create Secret. Christian Stonehouse, who works for rock legend Randy Bachman's Salt Spring Island studio, recalled the first time he heard Reddicopp sing. "I first heard Stephanie sing at church in 1997 when she was 15. The tone of her voice stood out to me and I sat up in my chair a little more and took notice. I remember leaning over to my wife and saying, 'Wow, great voice!' although [it was] slightly unrefined because of her young age. I knew I had heard something special that day at Northview Community Church in Abbotsford, BC."

Stonehouse also produced Tal Bachman's debut CD that featured the hit song "She's So High."

With the exception of the old standard "What a Friend," all the songs on this CD were either written by Stephanie Reddicopp or a collaborative effort between her and her old high school friend Tony Hiebert and Stonehouse.

The song "Secret," which is also the title track, was the last song she wrote for the album a week and a half before she began recording. "I … sat in an empty room in the house and within 30 minutes had the whole song written," she said. "The message of that song is the secret to every need; every desire is Jesus. He is the secret." At the end of the song, she says, "I've got a secret! Let me whisper it to you."

While listening to Secret your heart and ears will be blessed with some wonderful worship tunes such as, "You're Right Here," and the stirring "Save Me." The music is enhanced by the guitar work of Brian Thiessen who regularly performs with Brian Doerksen and bassist Harold Wiens. Phil Robertson appears on drums.

"Worship, to me, is how I treat my husband, the people I work with, and how I honour God throughout the day … [Worship] … is the best way for me to express [passion] to Him. I sing [worship] because I excel in music. I feel like I am putting my excellence towards Him and I am able to honour Him with something he has gifted me with," says Reddicopp.

Ministry has always been first in Reddicopp's life. "I was heavily involved in church throughout my middle school and high school years. I was involved with the youth group and worship teams. All of those people definitely impacted the choices that I made growing up."

Now a mentor for teenage girls, she says, "I want to be a role model for the girls I am teaching and to those who listen to my music. I think that is important, especially with how girls are dressing and with everything [in mainstream music] being sexualized. I want to be separate from that and hopefully turn girls in a different direction."

In subsequent years Stonehouse noticed the emphasis Reddicopp had placed on making sure her heart was in tune with God's will for her life. He notes that she wasn't just looking for the big, chart-stopping song. "I just assumed when I moved back to the Vancouver area, that she would have begun working on her album. To my amazement, she had waited for the perfect timing, and I was blessed enough to get involved."


Stonehouse explains, "We were able to revisit songs that I had almost completely forgotten. We refined them to the person she had become and fit them into the music she now knew she wanted to do. I think that's where I saw the maturity most in Stephanie—in her simple patience to wait until she was ready lyrically, musically, and spiritually. She didn't rush into the 'wanna get big now' game, and I really admired that about her. I think she really wanted to wait for God's perfect timing in the whole thing."

Stonehouse continued to talk about Reddicopp. He sees her as an artist who has a solid foundation in Christ and a passion that doesn't allow her to follow current trends. "We need more people who aren't afraid to be themselves regardless of how many records [compromise] sells. That mindset is a breath of fresh air to me as I'm sure it will be to [those who] hear her music."

As the fourth track, "Without You; With Me," spins out of the CD player, one can hear the influence of Crystal Lewis' music. Reddicopp acknowledges this influence on her style. As she coos the words, it's apparent she could easily make a name for herself in jazz or R&B music. Here again listeners are treated to Bosch's splendid tickling of the ivories. As teenage guys in the audience listen to the soulful vocals, they should be reminded that the pretty lady who has become the focus of their teenage crush is a married woman singing to God.

Samples of Stephanie Reddicopp's music can be heard at Her CD is available in Christian bookstores throughout Canada.

Joe Montague is a writer and photographer based in Hamilton, Ontario. His ministry is dedicated to the memory of his late son Kent David Montague who went to heaven at the age of 18.

Originally published on the website, The Phantom Tollbooth , February 2006.




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