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In the Spotlight with Amanda Falk

Amanda Falk still in awe of her Juno award, shares her thoughts on her life, faith and career.

With only a few short years under her belt, Christian recording artist, Amanda Falk has already met with overwhelming success. In addition to numerous other awards, she recently won a coveted Juno award for Contemporary Christian Record of the Year for her self-titled debut (Avante Records).

Amy Hagberg (AH): You've had a pretty exciting year. How did you feel when you won your Juno?

Amanda Falk

Amanda Falk (AF): You know, I think I'm still a little bit in shock. … my entire team here at Avante Records, we all celebrated together the fact that we were nominated … It was an amazing experience and I was fully in shock accepting the award. That was a surreal moment I don't think I'm every going to forget just because it was a big deal. It's national recognition, it's a national honor. How do you even, I don't even know how to accept it because I feel so overwhelmed by it and I feel like it's so over my head. I just think what was so neat calling home to all the people who had worked so hard and continue to work hard with me on everything and just hearing the excitement in their voices too because it's acknowledging them.

AH: Do you have any specific stories about how your music has impacted your listeners?

AF: This is kind of an interesting story. I was driving home from a Bible study with one of my friends, I guess about a year ago. She knew that I was Amanda and she knew that I sang, but she didn't recognize any of the titles of my songs or anything like that. She's really bold, so she said point-blank, "So Amanda, you're a singer, let's hear something." Right on the spot like that! … She was really adamant about it so I sang a couple bars of "Small" and her face just went white. I looked at her and I said, "What's wrong?" She said, "Is that your song?" She was like "Mandy, you have to hear this story. This is a God moment for me right now." I guess prior to that she'd been through a lot in her life and she had been driven to this point of wanting to commit suicide. She said she'd taken a couple bottles of pills and she was lying down on the floor waiting to die. She could see like the world starting to get darker. One of her friends came in and started praying for her and the world just started to get light again. But she didn't really want to come back to life. I guess she had put the radio on right before she took the pills, and just as she was waking up and coming to she started to hear this song called "Small" on the radio. She laid there and cried because God was just speaking to her heart directly through that song. And she said it's been her song ever since - every time she hears it she's reminded of that moment. I just sat there hearing this story and just being, once again, completely overwhelmed and completely just astounded at the way music works like that and the way God's Spirit is so evident in that song.

AH: How would you describe your style then to someone who didn't know your music?

AF: Well, it's Amanda Falk! Some of the heavy influences in my life definitely are like Sarah McLachlan and Nora Jones and John Mayer, and Nicole Nordeman - so great singer/songwriters like that. I sit at a piano and sing for the most part, so there's a lot of piano on the album, but there's some heavier songs on there too. It's me; I don't know how to describe it.

AH: When did you get saved?

AF: I grew up in a Christian family with a lot of godly morals, so I actually don't remember the moment that I decided to become a Christian in the beginning. I think I was probably around seven years old. I grew up in a family where I just kind of expected that would happen and went to church every Sunday. I think the decision actually became mine where I decided to own it and walk in it and discover what God had for me, to "walk by faith" when I was about 15 or 16. That's when all the life choices start to come up and I can't hide away in a safe Christian bubble anymore. I either have to choose this way or this way, there's no middle ground.

"My grace is sufficient for you." That line just keeps floating through my head …

AH: Do you have what you consider a life Scripture or favorite Bible verse?

AF: One of my favorites is found in 2 Corinthians, "My grace is sufficient for you." That line just keeps floating through my head pretty much every single day I wake up with that verse in my head and I say, "Okay, God, your grace is sufficient for me. I'm going to stand on that, I'm going to walk in that today, no matter what comes my way."

AH: So, time for some fun "fluff" questions. First, what would you say is your most notable characteristic?

AF: Personality-wide, I guess I'm kind of crazy. I'm definitely free spirited; like I love to be spontaneous and roll with the punches and just leave—go on a road trip kind of thing. I love to laugh, I laugh at everything pretty much.

AH: You're joyful.

AF: I hope so; I would want to be a joyful person. I mean we all have bad days, let's be serious, but I love life, I really do. My physical characteristic, I don't know, my hair is always changing color and style!

AH: What trait do you most dislike about yourself?

AF: I am not organized. I'm so glad I have people around me who are organized, but I am not organized at all. I'm not a detail person, really. That drives me nuts. And I'm pretty forgetful if I'm being brutally honest here … I do have a day planner and I've started to write in it much more. So that's helping. That's one of the things about a day planner - you have to use it for it to be any good!

AH: So what is your biggest fear?

I love my God—He has made me a joyful person.

AF: My biggest fear? … Here's one, I watched Blue Crush yesterday, the surfing movie, and they have all these underwater shots of people almost drowning. And because I almost drowned once in my life in the ocean, every single time I see a movie like that I just can't breathe any more. I feel like I'm drowning again. So I guess that's a fear. I'm not even anywhere close to an ocean whatsoever, but I guess if I were to go in an ocean that would definitely be a fear of mine. That's a physical one, but there are other fears. I'm definitely kind of scared of the unknown, and of the future of what this means, the whole Juno thing. I guess the power of influence, having people write down what you say and quote you. That's definitely something that I take very seriously and take as a responsibility. It definitely scares me.

AH: So if those are your biggest fears, what would you say are your biggest joys?

AF: Oh, there are so many of them. I love my God—He has made me a joyful person. And that sounds really trite, but to be quite honest, I've got this really nasty, cynical, negative, sarcastic side and it's a humor thing, right? Like, I find sarcasm really funny. But it can get very negative, very quickly. I think, honestly, to attribute it to the Lord wouldn't be a lie, I mean I think He does bring me a lot of joy. I'm not a morning person at all, but these mornings, I've been waking up just in a good mood and excited about life and excited about what He's doing and excited about where I'm going because of it.

AH: What are your future plans?

AF: In May and June I'm embarking on another tour called "Beautiful Unique Girl." That's a team of women that go out and we basically talk about value and worth with girls across Canada in their churches and their youth groups. We have this event called the "Ultimate Pajama Party" where we go to these churches and we basically decorate a room with lava lamps and shag carpet and pillows and lighting and we have a speaker who … shares a story and I share some songs and we have pizza and a chocolate fondue fountain.

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Originally published on the website,, 2006.




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