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Bible Society Launches New Website for Kids
Activities, stories, interactive adventures: is designed so even preschoolers can use it independently and learn from God's Word.

This year celebrating a century of translating, publishing, distributing and encouraging the use of the Bible in Canada, the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) is reaching out to a whole new generation with the launch of a brand new website designed to help children learn from the Bible. is a lively, colourful, interactive website that uses the latest Internet technology to engage youngsters with the Old and New Testament Scriptures.

Featuring music, animation, stories and games for children as well as tips and tools for parents, the site was developed in consultation with parents, teachers and children.

When children visit, they can listen to a Bible story while they "paint" a picture illustrating the same story. They can watch a music video about the biblical account of creation, play a guessing game to identify a "mystery person" from the Bible by uncovering clues and hints or participate in interactive adventure stories. All adventure stories begin by telling visitors where to find the story in the Bible, encouraging children to pursue Scripture exploration with their families.

Concept designer and CBS web coordinator Robert Everitt says while parents are encouraged to experience the site with their children, is designed so even preschoolers can use it independently. "We've used both auditory and visual cues throughout the site making it possible for pre-readers to get as much from the experience as older children," he says.

In a CBS news release, national director Phyllis Nesbitt says the Society is "committed to reaching children with the Good News contained in Scripture because we believe in the power of the Bible to change hearts and lives.

"It is our hope this new website will enable children to see, hear and interact with the Bible in such a way that they will develop a love for God's Word," Nesbitt adds.

Patricia Paddey is the Ontario correspondent for ChristianWeek.

Originally published in ChristianWeek, July 21, 2006.




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