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The Israel/Lebanon Conflict in Prophecy

This is no ordinary conflict and the Bible says many things about events in Israel since the country was restored to the Jewish people in 1948, says a reader.

This letter is a response to the article The Israel/Lebanon Crisis.

In Mr. Clemenger's article about the Israeli-Lebanon conflict, I was disappointed to note a lack of Scripture references. This is no ordinary conflict and the Bible has many, many things to say about Israel in these days since she was restored to her homeland in 1948 by the power of God alone.

The Bible predicts that peace will come in the Middle East when the antichrist negotiates a seven-year treaty.

Muslims are committed to Israel's destruction, and working toward peace in the Middle East using normal procedures is ludicrous.

My sympathies are entirely with Israel; did we not see Arab children laughing in the streets on 9/11? These children are taught from infancy to hate the Jews and they don't like Christians much either.

It was mentioned in the article that much of Lebanon is Christian. That may be, but they don't seem to be stopping Hezbollah et al from attacking Israel who just wants her God-given homeland. Israel's last mistake was giving up the Gaza strip. We were told at the time that al Quaeda forces with Russian support were moving in as Israel moved out.

The Bible predicts that peace will come in the Middle East when the antichrist negotiates a seven-year treaty. That will herald the beginning of the Tribulation.

Israel should be allowed to defend herself without criticism; she will never be dislodged again, anyway.

The Palestinians were offered their own country by the League of Nations/United Nations in 1947-48 but they refused it because they weren't really concerned about having a state; they just wanted the Jewish people gone. It is completely irrational, but God told us in His Word that this would be the case. The Palestinians / Arabs / Muslims thought they would annihilate Israel as soon as the peacekeeping forces withdrew, but God had other plans.

I'm writing this in a hurry and not documenting my facts, but the point is that Mr. Clemenger, president of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, should have included Scripture references on this issue.

The words in Genesis 12:3, " … I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed," are just as true today as they were when God spoke them to Moses. And God does not change. He always keeps His Word and His promises.

Why are we dithering about whether or not to support Israel? It's not as if she started this battle, and it doesn’t matter what compromises she makes, or what territory she gives up. Her enemies will never be satisfied until she is destroyed and gone. They have said so, written so and acted so for the last 60 years.




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