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Seeking God?
News and Commentary EFC Blog

Not the Time for Resignation
The legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide leaves us much more work to do, writes Bruce J. Clemenger, president of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

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Trinity Western University and Other Organizations Free to Maintain Religious Identity?
Seeking God?

First Love
Have you ever been head over heels in love? That’s what getting to know God is like.

How Was Jesus’ Death a Sacrifice?
When You Have Designs, You Have a Designer

Church Faith Today Blog

Youth Ministry in Canada Today
Check out this insightful Feb. 2018 discussion for parents and youth workers.

Flying the Friendly Skies
How to Lose Weight and Gain a Congregation

Check Your Phone Too Much?
Three steps to fight technology addiction, at the weekly Faith Today blog.

The Fruit of the Spirit Is Not Lemons
Teen Helps Build Prayer Life

Entertainment Book & Music Reviews in Faith Today

Christian Artists in Canada
We're starting a list of Christian fine artists. How many of these have you heard of?

Face to Facebook
Are You Under Remote Control?
Family Love Is Moving Youth Magazine

Marital Strife and Your Health
Being married can mean better health, but being happily married seems to matter most, says current research. Learn to fight fair.

A Letter to My Grandchildren
Proposal in a Pantry

Mission Faith Today Magazine

Working on the Edges
Our communities have many mission opportunities, ready made and waiting for us, in the shape of festivals, fairs, and cultural events. Here’s how you plan to be part of it.

West Coast Welcomes Back Fishing Boats
Touch the World Through Email
Education Christian Higher Education Canada

Day of Rejoicing
Free! No more of those daily irritations that accompany raising kids! His son was off to Bible college and he was free—until …

Kitchen Table Curriculum

En Français

Vivre sa foi
La revue de l’AÉC en français (mars 2017) et voir aussi des traductions de la revue anglaise « Faith Today »

La doctrine de la Trinité
Le Christianisme au Québec Français
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